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young persons who commit offenses bear responsibility for their contraventions
an action that violates a law, treaty, or other ruling.
translation of 'contravention'
'contravention' of parking restrictions
there were repeated raids by one side upon the other in 'contravention' of treaty terms
Why would this not be a 'contravention' of that law on the assumption I have made?
He said that councillors were being asked to vote without full information when a material 'contravention' came before them.
Well, if you say that there has been a 'contravention' of the hearsay rule, you have to demonstrate the purpose for which the courts used the evidence.
The 'contravention' is complete when the conduct occurs for the proscribed purpose whether or not it achieves its objective.
If that is right, the 'contravention' lies not in the nature of the implication but in the purpose of the regulation.
I am trying to think of an example of a 'contravention' of this restraining order that would not turn upon presence in the premises.
At the time of the offence, or the 'contravention' , you will never know whether there has been actual recoupment.
These powers must be exercised on consideration of the likelihood of damage or distress caused by the 'contravention' of the Act.
Not every instance of outsourcing will involve a 'contravention' of this law.
But in both cases, your Honour, one is looking at the misconduct of the 'contravention' .
Identifying the alleged 'contravention' of the Act is no idle pleading point.
What are the facts that your client would need to prove against the advertising agency to be knowingly involved in a 'contravention' ?
the publishing of misleading advertisements was a 'contravention' of the Act
You are concerned to identify the contravention and what follows from the 'contravention' .
But the condition is that there is a reasonable belief that there has been a 'contravention' of the law.
A recent survey of the site which you occupy, showed a number of 'contraventions' to the site licence and structurally the property appeared to be in a poor condition.
They did not report 'contraventions' of the regulations when they occurred.
The legislature could reasonably have intended severity to be a significant deterrent, bearing in mind the risks to public safety arising from some 'contraventions' of the ordinance.
The inspection did not identify any 'contraventions' .
They are said to arise from both 'contraventions' .
As there are no 'contraventions' of the legislation covering fire precautions, the certificate cannot be cancelled.
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