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These are cornerstones , flint stones, millstones, limestone, and milestones.
a stone that forms the base of a corner of a building, joining two walls.
translation of 'cornerstone'
The 'cornerstone' is so important that often it is inscribed and laid in an official ceremony that marks the beginning of a building's construction.
If the 'cornerstone' is not laid properly, a building will not stand properly.
Achieving these goals is an important 'cornerstone' for the city to transform itself into a viable and vibrant city, a city in which its citizens will live with pride.
a national minimum wage remained the 'cornerstone' of policy
This is the 'cornerstone' that must be laid carefully or the building will fall under the slightest duress.
Offering courses accessible to students around the state is in fact an important 'cornerstone' of the North Dakota University System.
Written goals and ongoing evaluation serve as the 'cornerstone' of another important facet: documentation.
The recent case where a 'cornerstone' of Taipei's old city wall was cut and used for a public art project has sparked debate among artists and cultural experts.
Family-owned businesses will continue to be an important 'cornerstone' of the American business landscape.
a national minimum wage remained the 'cornerstone' of policy
Despite their adolescence, it is on these countries that the United States depends as a 'cornerstone' of its energy policy.
Our system of GPs is a 'cornerstone' of quality health care.
A stone is also symbolic of eternity, like the 'cornerstone' of a building, placed to last for all time.
Yoga will continue to remain an important 'cornerstone' , but I really need to make more time for weight training.
‘Paul Kariya is like the 'cornerstone' of a building; you build around him,’ Gauthier says.
All of these factors are important, but the 'cornerstone' of any preservation system is the ability to say no to demolition.
Only the 'cornerstone' of the building had been laid when the engraving was made.
He said food safety was not negotiable and producers could simply not afford to compromise on hygiene, the 'cornerstone' of quality.
In building the structures and resources for nursing research, the development of a scientific community for nurse researchers is an important 'cornerstone' .
Italy's membership of NATO will remain the 'cornerstone' of the country's security and defence policy.
I've been thinking about this some more, and I've come to the conclusion that these four qualities are also the 'cornerstone' of all good web sites.
‘Majority rule’ is an important 'cornerstone' of democracy.
In patients with diastolic dysfunction, the 'cornerstones' of treatment depend on the underlying cause.
Usually, I touch the 'cornerstones' on the buildings, but Aunt Issa had said men would know I am a child from my hands and such a childish move.
This ritual educated me in some of the most important 'cornerstones' of life: family, friends, and firewater.
These are 'cornerstones' , flint stones, millstones, limestone, and milestones.
Few would deny that education is one of the most important 'cornerstones' of all human societies.
Pride, dedication, and quality are the three 'cornerstones' on which the company operates.
Much like modern buildings, the pyramid's 'cornerstones' have balls and sockets built into them.
Wong's structure will not provide shade but a vision that represents three important 'cornerstones' of our university community: students, businesses and faculty.
Trump: US-Japan ties are 'cornerstone of peace'
Pluralism, inclusion should be cornerstones of governance: Naidu
Drag-flicker Rupinder joins hands with Cornerstone Sport
TRENDING: Imran says friendship with China cornerstone of Pak foreign policy; vows to complete CPEC
Cornerstone Sport sign wrestler Vinesh
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