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the carved heads described in the poem correspond to those in the drawing
have a close similarity; match or agree almost exactly.
Margaret corresponded with him until his death
communicate by exchanging letters.
translation of 'correspond '
पत्र व्यवहार करना,
अनुरूप होना,
मेल होना,
संगति होना
मेल खाना,
समान होना,
पत्र-व्यवहार करना
It's probably a delusion, but landscapes clearly 'correspond' to something in the way the brain works, and art is clearly a response to landscape, and the unities.
Does this stance 'correspond' to reality, to history?
For about 10 years Bacon had no personal contact with the outside world although he was able to 'correspond' by letter.
It is continually reviewing its systems to assist driving consumer confidence in food - it would be worthwhile knowing if these industry actions in any way 'correspond' to stated consumer issues.
It's even worse with the folks who not only don't use the internet much but don't even 'correspond' much by email.
The student union is opposed to large tuition hikes, as well as any fee increases that don't 'correspond' to a significant improvement in the quality of education.
Patterns of genetic similarity did not 'correspond' with geographic location within any of the sites.
The findings 'correspond' to similar results in studies performed on older children and adults.
the carved heads described in the poem 'correspond' to a drawing of Edgcote House
For example, chess masters remember chess positions with an accuracy and rapidity far exceeding that of novices, but only when the positions 'correspond' to plausible game positions.
But forgetting that, the really important point that Saussure made was that a word is just a sign, and the sign does not 'correspond' to the thing that it signifies.
Candidates would then be ranked according to their ability, and offers would 'correspond' to the number of places available in each subject.
(Note that these numbers do not 'correspond' to the street numbers).
There were mild sensations of tingling pain in certain points in the left foot which, according to the therapist, 'correspond' to the lung and solar plexus regions.
Today many external symbols no longer 'correspond' to social origins, and wealth does not always coincide with prestigious status.
the carved heads described in the poem 'correspond' to those in the drawing
Interestingly, these two currents in the study of US ethnic literatures 'correspond' to a parallel divergence on questions of politics and aesthetics.
The four suits in Cuajo 'correspond' to the four colours of the chess cards.
But does understanding the importance of weblogs and weblogging 'correspond' to understanding how an information publisher should relate to weblogs and weblogging?
That means they can't 'correspond' outside of their native language at all.
communication is successful when the ideas in the minds of the speaker and hearer 'correspond'
The web host representative whom I 'correspond' with has recently reported that our combined daily hits is somewhere in the one million range.
The thinking behind the concept is that plants, like high and low tides, have similar cycles that 'correspond' to the ‘rising and falling of sap’, brought on by the cycles of the moon.
When I downloaded them, I realised that I should have tried to have one panel of the mural 'correspond' to one photograph, instead of them being as haphazard as they are.
About 60 percent of chicken genes 'correspond' to a similar human gene.
communication is successful when the ideas in the minds of the speaker and hearer 'correspond'
Graham consults with Lecter to a small degree in Harris's book and the doctor occasionally pops up to 'correspond' via phone or letter with Graham.
He said: ‘These statements do not 'correspond' to the idea of democracy.’
The land areas and rivers named before the Flood do not 'correspond' to similarly named features after the Flood.
When was the last time you actually put pen on paper and wrote a letter to someone you 'correspond' with regularly?
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