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she wasn't much of a correspondent
a person who writes letters to a person or a newspaper, especially on a regular basis.
However, correspondent payment can involve payment between two banks in the same jurisdiction, if payment is to be in foreign currency.
translation of 'correspondent'
During the 1890s he became Australian 'correspondent' for several London newspapers.
If the 'correspondent' is a teenager, the letter gets moved to the top of the pile.
She has been a TV news 'correspondent' , a foreign documentaries presenter and writer, and a newspaper columnist.
After leaving Rome Galileo remained in contact with Clavius by correspondence and Guidobaldo del Monte was also a regular 'correspondent' .
He then went on to become the athletics 'correspondent' for The Observer and ended up as its sports editor.
However, 'correspondent' payment can involve payment between two banks in the same jurisdiction, if payment is to be in foreign currency.
He has also written as a 'correspondent' for numerous magazines both abroad and in the United States.
Most recently he was the Beijing 'correspondent' of the Far Eastern Economic Review.
In your submission, does disclosing the letter identify the 'correspondent' ?
In Germany in 1932, Reuters had one chief 'correspondent' , and one full-time assistant.
The following week, a separate 'correspondent' wrote to say that he also had hair sticking up at the crown of his head.
She was a regular 'correspondent' who was devoted to her favourite entertainers.
Perhaps this is due to the death of the old-fashioned foreign 'correspondent' .
She was also apparently a regular 'correspondent' - though whether he wrote as often to her is unknown.
I remember having lunch with a foreign 'correspondent' for a major newspaper in the early 1990s.
He was one of the BBC's longest-serving newscasters and a veteran foreign 'correspondent' .
He has been a foreign 'correspondent' for 20 years with a ringside seat at many major international events.
She's covered the day-to-day workings of the White House longer than any other 'correspondent' .
Berlin was an inveterate 'correspondent' , living during the last great flourishing of letter writing.
I suggested that my 'correspondent' should think about writing to me with something a little more sensible.
I love letters, too; I think I would write more letters, if I had a regular 'correspondent' .
As you know, he was one of the great foreign 'correspondents' , print or broadcast, at any time.
The collection contains, in addition to Cicero's own, letters from a variety of 'correspondents' to him.
Now that kind of phenomenon I think is a basic corruption of the idea of the independence of the foreign 'correspondents' .
Maybe they're reluctant to divulge to us what they divulge to 'correspondents' from other networks.
We've also had concerned 'correspondents' in France baffled over the identity of our mystery poet.
Our 'correspondents' have filed from all around the world on the stories that made headlines in their regions.
The 'correspondents' take pride in their wordsmanship and don't mind twirling it.
Mail came from all over the world, and 'correspondents' included several noted writers.
Many of my 'correspondents' wrote to tell me they could retire now if they made that much per house.
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