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मंडित कतना
the witness had corroborated the boy's account of the attack
confirm or give support to (a statement, theory, or finding).
translation of 'corroborate'
पुष्ट करना,
संपुष्ट करना,
समर्थन करना,
परिपुष्ट करना
मंडित कतना
What he could do is extend an apology, as he has no evidence whatsoever to 'corroborate' his deplorable allegation.
As I have explained she has produced no documentary or other evidence to 'corroborate' those bald assertions.
In the 1980s, functional neuroimaging data appeared to 'corroborate' this finding.
Further study using a greater number of mares is justified to 'corroborate' the findings of this experiment.
Council officials however said there is no evidence to 'corroborate' these accusations.
Our results 'corroborate' such findings, particularly with respect to intervention assignment.
There are heat shield plates around the array that have been badly burned to 'corroborate' our theory.
But yesterday agents who looked further into the raw intelligence said they had found no evidence to 'corroborate' the threat.
Replication in larger sample sizes are needed to 'corroborate' this negative finding.
Searching around the internet, I wasn't able to find anything to 'corroborate' this statement.
The only statistical data I have to 'corroborate' my statement is observation.
As well as 'corroborating' the findings in the previous two sections, this also provides more evidence to suggest that different precursor proteins are imported into chloroplasts via the same import machinery.
This had enabled the prosecution to successfully question his recollection of events, despite other witnesses 'corroborating' his testimony of a break-in.
The entire village council gave statements, 'corroborating' the complaint.
All too rarely is 'corroborative' material offered in support.
Without the 'corroboration' of suitable theoretical supports, no intuitive belief can count as more than mere conjecture.
I was most concerned there was an attempt to mould them so they were 'corroborative' , which I felt was misguided and false.
The doubted statement is 'corroborated' to a greater or lesser extent by the other statements or circumstances with which it fits in.
Yet, as Media Matters pointed out at the time, nothing in the report 'corroborates' such assertions.
Observations and data from focus groups 'corroborated' these findings.
That is right, but there could be cases, could there not, where the applicant has been so comprehensively destroyed that that leads you to disbelieve the 'corroborator' ?
New, negative field evidence 'corroborates' these findings.
It is the job of the Crown to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt, and, as in all criminal trials in Scotland, no crime can be proved without 'corroboration' .
For the most part Jake would ask the questions- unless Ben had anything he wanted to ask- and Ben was there more as the 'corroborator' than anything else.
Any competent investigator would have to stop right here and point out that the 'corroborator' 's testimony has been corrupted by the method of inquiry.
In the total disregard of these basic rights as citizens, one is forced to take sides on the basis of informed speculation only rather than 'corroborative' documents and evidentiary material.
Most of the examples we use to illustrate the theoretical constructs we propose here come from our own data corpus, supported by 'corroborative' cases from the literature whenever possible.
But Miss X revealed that the police had systemically failed to seek 'corroboration' of her evidence.
Based on such evidence, 'corroboration' for the surrogacy hypothesis is low.
The 'corroboratory' evidence of history tells us that lawyers have controlled the arguments in parliament for over 500 years.
Pakistan minister's statement corroborates our stand: India
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