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my signature is extremely hard to counterfeit
imitate fraudulently.
he knew the tapes to be counterfeits
a fraudulent imitation of something else; a forgery.
two men were remanded on bail on a charge of passing counterfeit $10 bills
made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud.
translation of 'counterfeit'
कूटकरण करना,
जाली बनाना
‘Most companies are fully willing to help identify counterfeiters, 'counterfeit' goods and to provide testimony in court,’ Harris said.
Martin works in Buenos Aires as a courier for a crime outfit, transporting 'counterfeit' money.
The games are hard to 'counterfeit' because players must connect to a server, which can detect and reject software pirates.
I see it as a protection measure for my money (anyone stealing my money must steal or 'counterfeit' my ID first).
These are the 22-minute sitcom's ‘serious’ interludes, usually signified by fifteen seconds unbroken by a 'counterfeit' laugh.
Like a mirage in a desert, 'counterfeit' love cannot quench your thirst.
The 'counterfeit' nature of Modernism's dream of freedom is written into the dream's realization.
HM Customs at Heathrow also seized 1,000 'counterfeit' copies of Windows 95 OEM, destined for MST.
The fact that there is in effect only ever one customs barrier for goods to enter the EC also has implications for the battle against organized crime, 'counterfeit' goods, and the like.
Not to mention that there is a strong connection between 'counterfeit' goods and organized crime gangs and terrorist organizations - it's one way they finance their organizations.
They're knockoffs, fakes, 'counterfeit' goods that may end up as holiday gifts, but they are hurting the U.S. economy.
Color-shifting ink is not only hard to 'counterfeit' , it looks good too.
The whole thing boils down to verification once again, where people cannot use fraudulent, 'counterfeit' identification to obtain the right to drive in this country.
Its primary focus is on cases relating to fraud, corruption, 'counterfeit' goods and tax offences and focuses on assuring that appropriate sentences are meted out in courts.
His scheme was revealed as he allegedly attempted to transfer $80 million in funds from legitimate accounts into accounts he controlled using fraudulent wire transfers and 'counterfeit' cheques.
And, short of reproducing the process, but with a new name on the credits page, it would be very hard to 'counterfeit' this.
The idea is to prevent large-scale piracy operations from thieves who 'counterfeit' Symantec programs and offer them to customers on the Web.
UK computer retailers are warned today of a sophisticated new scam involving 'counterfeit' cheques.
Anti-theft tags will be fitted to laptops, compact discs and clothing consignments as part of a partnership initiative with major UK businesses to stamp out the illicit trade in stolen and 'counterfeit' goods.
There is a significant black market in both real and 'counterfeit' human growth hormone promoted to sportspeople and fitness people.
Mr Cameron added that when these forged and 'counterfeit' documents were sent to immigration officials in Sheffield they were ignored, and approval was given.
Typical offenses are growing cannabis, circulating 'counterfeit' money, theft, homicide, and entering the country illegally.
They are telling of all sorts of irregularities from fee-taking for moving an application to the top of the queue, to outright fraudulent and 'counterfeit' work permits.
He gave a 'counterfeit' cough.
Jenn, there is no way you would be able to tell me that this wasn't a 'counterfeit' bill.
Three years on, it has become the centre for trade in contraband and 'counterfeit' goods.
For example, the private monies would be far more stable in their purchasing power, would be harder to 'counterfeit' , and would be available in more convenient denominations.
Conceivably this is so, but in the present moral climate it is more likely to foster that 'counterfeit' compassion which thinks no wrong is very wrong.
You see them on lots of New York City street corners: 'counterfeit' T-shirts, bootleg DVDs, fake designer handbags.
The supposedly copy-proof format is providing rich pickings for pirates, and 'counterfeit' versions of the latest films are hitting market stalls at the same time as they reach the cinema.
Demonetisation: Success & failures
International counterfeit currency racket busted, four held in Delhi
Rise of e-shopping, rise of counterfeit fashion
Counterfeit new notes seized in Gujarat
Counterfeiting of products now big industry in India: Bengal minister
TRENDING: China customs officials seize more than 130,000 counterfeit World Cup products
Snapdeal bars 8,000 in 8 months over counterfeit products
Counterfeiting of Rs 500 notes up by 121% in 2018-19: RBI
'Currency, liquor, FMCG most affected by counterfeiting'
Amazon launches 'Project Zero' in India to block counterfeits
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