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the minister held talks with his French counterpart
a person or thing holding a position or performing a function that corresponds to that of another person or thing in another place.
The discrepancy between the lease and the counterpart was not noticed at the time.
one of two or more copies of a legal document.
translation of 'counterpart'
the tradition is being kept alive by his modern 'counterpart'
Professional sociology differs from its lay 'counterpart' here in a number of ways.
The aim of the council is to mirror the actions and functions of its adult 'counterpart' and to get the young people interested in politics.
But while Edinburgh is booming, it is a different story for its transatlantic 'counterpart' .
In this regard, the Indian shopper appears to be very similar to his Chinese 'counterpart' .
the minister held talks with his French 'counterpart'
His 'counterpart' Alex McLeish, was similarly honest, and critical of his player.
the minister held talks with his French 'counterpart'
Reviewing children's theatre is a whole different ball game compared to its adult 'counterpart' .
First s.7 has no 'counterpart' in the Directive and can neither be used to construe it or to judge its effect.
The discrepancy between the lease and the 'counterpart' was not noticed at the time.
Strengthening risk management and financial infrastructure also had a legal 'counterpart' in private law.
Strange's decision to adopt the opposite tactic appears to play into his 'counterpart' 's hands.
We need the support of our male 'counterparts' not their fierce opposition.
The clothes the actresses wear are noticeably different from their Western 'counterparts' .
British pig farmers find it difficult to compete on equal terms with their European 'counterparts' , she says.
The women's third eleven lost a hard fought match against their Cambridge 'counterparts' .
Regional arrangements can be easier to draft than their international 'counterparts' .
Yorkston has no objection to their plans in principle, and suspects that many of his 'counterparts' may be of a similar mind.
They felt completely at home with their 'counterparts' in Paris and London.
The people of Swindon are being challenged to get active tomorrow by their 'counterparts' in Polish twin city Torun.
After five years and two degrees, my male 'counterparts' will be earning more than me, earlier than me.
It seems that we have opposite tendencies to our 'counterparts' in the social sciences.
The deviation resulted because the 'counterparts' held by me did not include Computer's signatures.
Does he find teenage girls tend to express their rage differently than their male 'counterparts' ?
Among the many differences that set folk musicians apart from their pop 'counterparts' is longevity.
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