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His current research is about the role of intelligence in multinational counterterrorism activities.
political or military activities designed to prevent or thwart terrorism.
Each is directly involved in national security or 'counterterrorism' and is regularly briefed on terrorism developments.
he specialized in 'counterterrorism', hostage rescue, and close-quarters combat
Would he be reporting directly to the head of the national 'counterterrorism' unit?
They have cooperated with the U.S. on 'counterterrorism' initiatives in Central Asia and elsewhere.
Still, 'counterterrorism' specialists and Middle East foreign area officers should read this book.
His current research is about the role of intelligence in multinational 'counterterrorism' activities.
In one area still there needs to be quick improvement, and that's on terrorism or 'counterterrorism' .
The Army has been assigned as executive agent for domestic 'counterterrorism' and would seem the logical choice.
We have joint task forces that deal with 'counterterrorism' as well as counterterror financing.
I asked for a series of briefings on the issues in my portfolio, including 'counterterrorism' and cybersecurity.
It was the largest 'counterterrorism' exercise in the nation's history.
International support of a multidimensional 'counterterrorism' strategy is necessary to defeat it.
Others, however, will not be able to ignore the relevance of this story to current 'counterterrorism' operations.
Funding for elite 'counterterrorism' units has also been ramped up.
The most important phase of any counterinsurgency or 'counterterrorism' campaign is recognizing that the threat exists.
the army's elite 'counterterrorism' unit
Now, FBI agents' time is a much scarcer commodity because so many agents focus on 'counterterrorism' .
You've spent a career studying 'counterterrorism' and looking for these potential terrorists out there.
The main feature is a new national intelligence czar, to whom, it is imagined, the many federal agencies engaged in intel and 'counterterrorism' will report.
But Europe's 'counterterrorism' problem is large and changes are needed if it's to be tackled better.
Integrating our 'counterterrorism' and regional strategies was the most difficult and the most important aspect of the new strategy to get right.
Even their analysis capability was geared toward making criminal cases not for 'counterterrorism' purposes.
So it is correct to say that they all can't be policemen and they all can't be 'counterterrorists' .
He champions better directed 'counterterrorist' efforts, encouraging the participation of friendly states.
Imaging data can also allow terrorists to view 'counterterrorist' activities at a target site.
Yet the film proclaims that terrorists and 'counterterrorists' are alike. ‘When we learn to act like them, we will defeat them!’
The problem for counterinsurgents and 'counterterrorists' is to apply theory to distinguish between lawful or unlawful forms of discontent.
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