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The birds concerned were raised on a farm at Hillborough; a true countryman born and bred raised them.
a person living or born in a rural area, especially one engaged in a typically rural occupation.
she followed in the tradition of her countrymen
a person from the same country or region as someone else.
translation of 'countryman'
The birds concerned were raised on a farm at Hillborough; a true 'countryman' born and bred raised them.
he was a complete 'countryman', with a pronounced affinity with nature
I still like the story of the time when an old 'countryman' met a bureaucrat down a country lane.
they trust a fellow 'countryman'
Here, the exiled speaker asks a fellow 'countryman' if the same pleasant breeze blows across the borders.
Perhaps the old 'countryman' had an idea when he said: ‘Farmers should suck their own blood and cut out the supermarkets altogether.’
they trust a fellow 'countryman'
I met a fellow 'countryman' while on holiday
I've never been as ashamed of my fellow 'countrymen' as I was when I read this story.
All right, say his defenders, how many of his fellow 'countrymen' could do better?
Last month he caused a stir among his 'countrymen' when he called for universal access to antiretroviral drugs.
Donations from British 'countrywomen' funded a Monument to Wellington.
When the war broke they flocked to help the South while their fellow 'countrymen' flocked to the Northern armies.
However, many of his fellow 'countrymen' detested him with just as much passion.
Not all of his fellow 'countrymen' , however, are impressed.
Although she was born in the city, she had the 'countrywoman' 's knowledge of nature and she had an incredible selection of old cures and remedies passed on from her mother.
Madame Cholet, a kindly 'countrywoman' who lived in the neighbouring house, knitted her woolly socks to keep her feet warm during pruning.
‘I am a 'countrywoman' but he knew more about the birds and flowers than I did,’ she said.
In the same vein as ‘last down’ I was once told about a 'countrywoman' who had five sons, and they were not very good at getting up to go to school.
A quarter of his 'countrymen' depend on coffee for a living.
So brothers, sisters, 'countrymen' , join me and sing with your hearts.
Directly opposite a statue of a heavy horse, this is run by local 'countrywomen' who will add immeasurably to the happiness of your day.
They kindled the fire of hatred in the young and innocent minds of the new generation against a particular section of their 'countrymen' .
So that she could play at being a 'countrywoman' at Versailles, Louis XV provided her with a hermitage, or retreat, comprising a pavilion, a menagerie, a pasture, dairy and kitchen garden.
Making the comments showed a great deal of insensitivity to your fellow 'countrymen' , and a lack of foresight of the repercussions of such statements.
As a person who likes rustic charm, these fruits reminded me of 'countrymen' who are ignorant of the ways of the world.
Many of us also have more in common with our fellow 'countrymen' than with events in a far off country.
Livestock, deadstock, as she said at the time. It is the language of the 'countrywoman' .
Then, dumpy, plump and purple-faced, the wearer reveals herself as a true 'countrywoman' - light years away from the dream image.
British men look in the mirror and they like what they see, according to a poll of more than 2,000 of our self-confident 'countrymen' .
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