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a countrywide tour
extending throughout a nation.
On February 18 a 'countrywide' ban will come into force, although legal challenges threaten to delay it by a year or more.
Our Mobile Units travel 'countrywide' staffed by a registered nurse.
The project would be part of a 'countrywide' pilot scheme involving some 100 teams in different areas of the country.
Should they place a ban on the export of ostrich products, it could paralyse the industry 'countrywide' .
The academy will comprise centres of excellence in all parts of the UK, to meet a mixture of local and 'countrywide' needs.
The Department also intends to conduct a full re-evaluation of ewe premium applications 'countrywide' .
The union had planned to escalate the industrial action 'countrywide' this week but deferred this after talks were arranged.
The licences are to be granted for an initial duration of two years, although there is the possibility of renewal and extension 'countrywide' .
Advisers carried out the updated assessment on the impact of the weather on farming 'countrywide' earlier this week.
It is much better to have parcels of forestry 'countrywide' , integrated farm forestry is the way forward.
A pilot scheme whereby members of the public can report the behaviour of dangerous drivers is to be extended 'countrywide' .
Visit your local library and check through the 'countrywide' telephone directories
This is a 'countrywide' problem and as far as the parents are concerned everyone should be singing from the same hymn sheet, she says.
A petition against the regulations is circulating at health shops 'countrywide' .
Indeed, our girly evening was indicative of a 'countrywide' trend.
On their agenda: a 'countrywide' tour and a series of grassroots lectures.
The courses are held almost every weekend in locations 'countrywide' .
The program includes educating 55,000 first grade pupils each year 'countrywide' .
The response to this was overwhelming with over 340 entrants 'countrywide' .
The month-long 'countrywide' amnesty officially ended at midnight and officers are in the process of collating the final figures.
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