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her courageous human rights work
not deterred by danger or pain; brave.
translation of 'courageous'
It's therefore a mystery how brave, 'courageous' St George ever got to be the patron saint of England.
Its devotees have been 'courageous' , and they have also been treacherous.
It was certainly the one truly 'courageous' and right act of his premiership, which enters its eighth year in a few months.
You are very brave and 'courageous' people to be over their risking your life for your country.
He deserves everything, he was very brave and 'courageous' and I know he would do it all again if he had to.
I strongly suspect he is not deluded, but he is definitely a brave, or at least a 'courageous' , man.
A mother and her two young sons were pulled from their blazing home by a 'courageous' next-door neighbour.
I thought it was a classic piece of decisive and 'courageous' goalkeeping.
She felt free and brave and 'courageous' , and she never wanted to stop flying through the air.
So every time one sees a bold and 'courageous' man or woman you can be sure that the child in that person is still alive.
A fearless person could not be 'courageous' , because courage is all about the mind dominating fear.
I hope to be half as 'courageous' and full of faith as he was when faced with the end.
As he approached the scene, the 'courageous' cop realised the girl had not seen him - and decided to act fast.
It must therefore be 'courageous' and tough about gently easing prices upwards to deliver better margin yield.
The decision to come out fighting to restore standards in higher education was principled and 'courageous' .
Let us stop being economically defensive and start being politically 'courageous' .
He made a 'courageous' come back, only to throw up on stage minutes later - a first in my gig attending experience.
He suffered so much, and he was so brave, so 'courageous' to fight it as long as he did.
Quite simply, her plight is seen as 'courageous' and worthy of sympathy.
She wanted to be brave and 'courageous' like the heroes in all the stories she liked to read.
All the pictures show him with such courage and 'courageousness' .
In my 40 years of coaching, I have never seen anything like this sort of 'courageousness' .
It should also be said that most on both sides behaved well, many 'courageously' and honourably at the expense of careers and valued friendships.
He fought it bravely and 'courageously' to the very end.
Impulsiveness and 'courageousness' mark your activities this week.
He stood for tolerance and mediation, not the 'courageousness' required to face forward.
We must also allow ourselves to be guided by a commitment to develop and use our voices boldly and 'courageously' .
The way this brave little boy had 'courageously' clung on to life touched the community.
And it's just harmful to our troops that are out there fighting very bravely, very 'courageously' .
I really don't want to dwell on it because I don't want to overshadow the 'courageousness' of the way the team played.
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