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he was courting a girl from the neighboring farm
be involved with romantically, typically with the intention of marrying.
a settlement was reached during the first sitting of the court
a tribunal presided over by a judge, judges, or a magistrate in civil and criminal cases.
I prefer an indoor court
a quadrangular area, either open or covered, marked out for ball games such as tennis or basketball.
translation of 'court'
प्रणय-निवेदन करना,
आमंत्रित करना,
निवेदन करना
खेल का मैदान,
Winter passed swiftly in the 'court' of Charlemagne, for there was never any lack of amusements.
He parked his Honda in the Bridge Street car park, close to the 'court' building, but a delay in the case slowed his return by more than an hour.
They're going to allow past cases to be brought into the 'court' proceedings.
The king had been surrounded by a hostile 'court' , treated badly, and kept from exercising power.
In 1856, during a stay in London, he sold 31 pictures to the royal household and 'court' .
he never had to 'court' the approval of the political elite
Wakefield magistrates' 'court' was told he had no previous convictions.
basketball 'court'
It was at this point it became apparent that the case was about to collapse - although the jury was not even in the 'court' building.
The re-established papacy soon transferred its 'court' to the Vatican Palace.
Although happy to be given the retrospective collection, she didn't 'court' the attention.
A man who tried to enter a 'court' building with a knife may be sent to prison.
There he stood, bowing politely like a grand Lord at the 'court' of an Empress.
That is precisely the issue that has been raised by the National Party in its attempt to try to 'court' votes.
The museum comprises a torso of galleries linked to a smaller head of entrance 'court' and offices.
he's a great 'court'
The idea is for a public museum to open in the old police station, cells and Victorian 'court' in the historic Grade I listed building.
The whole 'court' was surrounded by fans, half for the East, half for the North.
The teenager hid his face from the media when he was released from the back of the 'court' building and taken away by police.
A year later, just 25, he was sent to the Tsarist 'court' as British Vice-Consul to Moscow.
he never had to 'court' the approval of the political elite
Their vivid, jewel-like tones were well suited to the tastes of the Mughal 'court' .
she will take the matter to 'court'
Fed-up court officials refused to accept prisoners after they were brought to the 'court' building late.
Along the way, the birds 'court' and mate, thwart the red-tailed hawks, and breed.
he told the 'court' that he wasn't there
Surrounded by a broad moat, the palace buildings are arranged around a great inner 'court' .
Scores of journalists, mainly Spanish and British, converged on the 'court' building.
A legal battle with those he has worked hard to 'court' in the past?
The figure on the right is Jean de Dinteville, the French ambassador to the English 'court' of Henry VIII.
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