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We do not have the luxury of the system, which can provide instant access to litigants, in terms of courtrooms , judges and jury panels.
the place or room in which a court of law meets.
a bitter 'courtroom' battle
Sometime later they reach a decision and the parties are all called back into the 'courtroom' .
Once again, we take you inside a 'courtroom' for a real criminal trial in front of a judge and jury.
Both matters have been called outside the 'courtroom' three times and there is no appearance.
We say that policy reasons seem to play a role in the courtroom, but not outside the 'courtroom' .
If this action should go ahead to a trial, it would be quite some time before it would reach the 'courtroom' .
The verdicts and sentences were announced outside the 'courtroom' by the prosecutor and defence lawyers.
The role of counsel in the 'courtroom' should never vary, and all counsel are to be on an equal footing.
While once they chatted at the 19th hole, the pair may next meet across a civil 'courtroom' .
It is possible, in some instances, to hold the trial in a 'courtroom' where there is a specially protected dock.
This is the fiction that people who come into 'courtrooms' are all reasonable people.
Court observation can, however, be deceptively straightforward, and anyone who spends time in 'courtrooms' quickly becomes aware of its drawbacks.
As noted above, a major reason for press and public access to 'courtrooms' is to ensure fairness.
In American 'courtrooms' , however, the language in which historical justice is being debated has taken on an unusual character.
Apparently enquiries have been made as to the availability of alternative judges or alternative 'courtrooms' in another venue.
Most of the action in housing court takes place in the hallways outside the 'courtrooms' .
We do not have the luxury of the system, which can provide instant access to litigants, in terms of 'courtrooms' , judges and jury panels.
He was leading me on a tour of his domain, which includes four modern 'courtrooms' and the judges' chambers on the floor below.
She has helped to undermine the assumption that the tobacco industry is invincible in American 'courtrooms' .
For their 'courtrooms' to function, they can't afford to second-guess themselves, at least not regularly.
Tapestries had been hung in nine original 'courtrooms' in the High Court.
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