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the government's loss of credibility
the quality of being trusted and believed in.
translation of 'credibility'
Being published lends instant 'credibility' among your target audience.
It also depends a great deal on the standing and 'credibility' of the person who makes the pitch.
So I think this is a pretty sharp blow to the administration's 'credibility' .
However, none of these failings, in our view, undermined the overall 'credibility' of these witnesses.
the book's anecdotes have scant regard for 'credibility'
Such information may guide the development of future professional training protocols for 'credibility' assessment.
His reasoning was simple - his fame would lend instant 'credibility' to his product.
The death was a sensational development in a controversy threatening the government's 'credibility' .
"We came out of it with our 'credibility' intact, " he said.
The process of this prize lacks scientific 'credibility' and integrity.
Once one publication has written about you, you gain instant 'credibility' with others.
But more importantly, the government's 'credibility' has not fully recovered.
Ignore this and the legacy will survive, at least temporarily, with some 'credibility' intact.
the government's loss of 'credibility'
In the short term, he must address his government's growing 'credibility' problem.
the government's loss of 'credibility'
the book's anecdotes have scant regard for 'credibility'
The lack of 'credibility' regarding the central issues in this claim have caused me to doubt the truthfulness of the appellant.
However, all this talk of trust and 'credibility' has stirred my curiosity.
Realism with regard to screenplay and dialogue give it the kind of 'credibility' that only documentaries have.
His goal is to convince them that party politics is central to the 'credibility' story.
I have used it solely to assist in my findings of the 'credibility' of the two complainants.
Therefore, it appears that personality characteristics may not influence the process of 'credibility' assessment.
The defense questions the 'credibility' of the witness, who was 14 years old at the time.
We just don't think there is any 'credibility' to those claims.
The charge against the accused rests almost entirely on the 'credibility' of the complainant.
The failure to report the allegations undermined the 'credibility' of the witnesses to the extent they should not be believed.
Their relationship and 'credibility' in the eyes of the Commission are important to them.
Having a weblog increases your authority and 'credibility' in the eyes of your readers.
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