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a very creditable 2–4 defeat
(of a performance, effort, or action) deserving public acknowledgment and praise but not necessarily outstanding or successful.
translation of 'creditable'
he finished in a very 'creditable' third
Racing against some of the best horses in the world, he once again ran a cracker to finish a very 'creditable' fifth.
However, Amy still made the final and came a very 'creditable' fourth.
Given the current state of the advertising market, this seems a 'creditable' performance.
She then received patriarchal permission to pursue kinship with offspring of 'creditable' lineage!
she's a 'creditable' source
She makes a 'creditable' effort at interpreting the manifest and manifold mysteries of her subject's motivations.
After each labor he would come home tired, but feeling that he had done a 'creditable' day's work.
All these initiatives are praiseworthy and 'creditable' to the new and youthful management team.
We also express our gratitude to the media who were quickly on the scene and gave 'creditable' coverage of the calamity.
The film is a 'creditable' effort to tell an African story from the point of view of an African.
It just kind of seeps out with things that are said in passing, as if there were no other possible view, let alone a 'creditable' one.
It was smoothly run and the Japanese, in particular, made a 'creditable' on-field contribution.
The pairs enjoyed a mixed bag of results, with three wins and 'creditable' performances in their close losses.
The club did the county proud by coming a 'creditable' third.
The police have made good progress recently in the battle against crime. They are doing a 'creditable' job.
There was an explanation - not 'creditable' , but rational - for the disappearances.
The country and the citizen will give credit to the government for what are clearly 'creditable' attainments.
The club finished a very 'creditable' fifth out of eleven teams and narrowly failed to qualify for the finals.
This was an especially 'creditable' effort because his two previous wins had been over longer distances.
There are four very 'creditable' designs (particularly as it's their first show).
After some days of heavy rains, the conditions were not ideal but both sides put in 'creditable' performances.
The 'creditability' of all Gardaí is being undermined by the delays in investigating the few highly publicised cases.
Without resorting to finger gimmicks and word power, he acquits himself 'creditably' , especially in the high-strung, emotional scenes.
Yet their parent population in the Netherlands performs perfectly 'creditably' .
The problem is 'creditability' and not technique.
Although they did not win many medals, they performed 'creditably' , and made their presence felt.
He argued against the use of supplementary statements with different valuation methods because that would confuse users and reduce the 'creditability' of all reported information.
This is necessary in order to make the system acceptable to all and to ensure its 'creditability' from the start.
This man did not burn out and by all accounts performed his duties 'creditably' .
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