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the product was the culmination of 13 years of research
the highest or climactic point of something, especially as attained after a long time.
translation of 'culmination'
चरम बिंदु
It's not anywhere that I'd really choose to be, but at that point in my life it was the 'culmination' of every choice that there had been up to that point.
Most products bought by private consumers represent the 'culmination' of a long process of value creation.
To be honest, I was feeling tired from the 'culmination' of two much hecticness so wasn't able to appreciate it as much as I ought to have done.
One is museum design which is the 'culmination' of all architectural thought and art as well as theatres and auditoriums.
the product was the 'culmination' of 13 years of research
The event itself is the 'culmination' of five years of sustained effort by their creators.
The whole affair is the 'culmination' of the spin phenomenon.
It was a 'culmination' of art work the children have produced over the past three weeks.
For the people who fought against the closure plans, it is the 'culmination' of a seven-month campaign to secure the future of the pools.
It is the logical 'culmination' of more and more media saturation with an emphasis on television.
The 'culmination' of that was an uplifting climax heightened by the emotional residue of what had gone before.
It is the 'culmination' of at least a year's work and investment.
the deal marked the 'culmination' of years of negotiation
Matthew wants to achieve a fitting 'culmination' to the night, but he is unable to do so.
The past twelve months for him have been a fitting 'culmination' to an outstanding career, to date.
We have created a world where we insist on perceiving every new development as a 'culmination' of something great or as a climax.
The arrest is the 'culmination' of an investigation which has been ongoing for upwards of 18 months.
This was a great victory for the school and a 'culmination' of much hard work and commitment invested over a long and busy year.
The verdict is the 'culmination' of a long investigation by Rochdale police.
Its introduction marked the 'culmination' of 120 years of campaigning.
Proud parents came from throughout the county to hear the youngsters sing in what was the 'culmination' of many dedicated hours of practice.
It has been a mammoth undertaking and is the 'culmination' of many hundreds of hours of research, editing and printing.
Red Line extension nears culmination
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