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filled with curiosity, she peered through the window
a strong desire to know or learn something.
he showed them some of the curiosities of the house
a strange or unusual object or fact.
translation of 'curiosity'
'curiosity' got the better of me, so I called him
When the buzz begins to build about a film, my 'curiosity' is piqued.
In his essay on Leonardo, Freud even derives 'curiosity' and the desire for knowledge from sexuality.
I was close to backing out, but my morbid 'curiosity' got the best of me.
filled with 'curiosity', she peered through the window
Plus, they're indulging their intellectual 'curiosity' .
And I am consumed by 'curiosity' and a desire to know what on earth this cool thing is going to be like.
I made a quick glance over my shoulder, before I indulged my 'curiosity' .
After having car trouble the teens backtrack to the church to satisfy their morbid 'curiosity' .
With 'curiosity' now piqued, let's dig a bit deeper into the wording.
'curiosity' got the better of me, so I called him
At this statement my ears perked up, 'curiosity' overtaking me.
Most were merely 'curiosity' seekers, so the police did not disperse them.
The little boy looked at the opponent with a mixed feeling of 'curiosity' and fear.
However, a warm breeze on the back of her neck aroused her 'curiosity' .
The latter is a moralistic bore who puts intellectual 'curiosity' second to her desire to pontificate.
Idle 'curiosity' prompts the question: who applies it for him?
They also collected specimens of human and animal freaks in private 'curiosity' cabinets.
Many were also indulging a healthy 'curiosity' about the outside world.
filled with 'curiosity', she peered through the window
Rob still sparked a great 'curiosity' in me.
The young woman was sitting forward in her seat, a look of almost childlike 'curiosity' on her face.
But it did spark a 'curiosity' that itched until she completed a short story.
His eyes searched hers curiously, but he found nothing but mild 'curiosity' in her eyes.
My insatiable 'curiosity' got the best of me.
Questions should be answered as they arise so that the child's natural 'curiosity' is satisfied as she matures.
And amidst the displays of oddities and 'curiosities' , the museum of anatomy was in some ways the oddest and most curious.
But my well-balanced collection (which was mainly paid for) was replaced by 'curiosities' .
The mirror is currently on display in the Enlightenment Gallery in a cabinet devoted to other similar 'curiosities' .
The museum also contains a few worthwhile 'curiosities' .
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