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the Supreme Court voided the statute by a decisive 7–2 vote
settling an issue; producing a definite result.
translation of 'decisive'
The firm and 'decisive' action taken indicates how seriously the ECB and the club have treated the case.
He not only looked but sounded much more assured, and a great deal more 'decisive' than he has lately been given credit for.
The 'decisive' battle was fought in Ireland.
The artillery was expected to play a 'decisive' role in the opening stages of a battle.
In 1918 across the Western Front and in Italy the 'decisive' final battles of the war were fought.
Wind and weather have frequently played a 'decisive' role in battles or campaigns.
Kyle Robson, 18, from Peatmoor, is more 'decisive' and thinks the voting age is fine as it is.
This election was perhaps the first one in which the electronic media played a 'decisive' role.
You may be frustrated with him or her for not being very 'decisive' .
Tracing back their lives, the survey found that in almost every case the 'decisive' factor had been marriage.
That goal proved crucial as it was the only 'decisive' result between the top four teams.
Today's game will be so tight that a single mishap could prove 'decisive' .
Holland is expected to deliver a similarly 'decisive' result when a referendum is held there tomorrow.
The vote was a 'decisive' and important one as it was his first time as leader facing the public.
It was the 'decisive' land battle of the Second World War and saw armoured and aerial clashes on a ferocious scale.
David Jack was again the goal hero in the final, making the 'decisive' strike 15 minutes from the end.
Back at the summit, I believe the new rules could well play a 'decisive' role in determining who comes out on top.
In the event, these were to make a 'decisive' contribution to the final outcome of the Cold War.
It helped a bit, too, that there was a quality, 'decisive' referee to oversee the action.
This means that it is a matter for the judge, and expert evidence will not be 'decisive' .
Unfortunately, a heavy price had been paid for the 'decisive' victory that morning.
Like Clifford, he is 'decisive' and very skilled at pushing agendas through.
We are at a 'decisive' moment in British politics where Europe is concerned.
I agree with that analysis and I regard it as 'decisive' of the issue which is before us in this case.
But the motives of many are a more base fear of the side effects of doing anything 'decisive' .
Gillingham scored the 'decisive' goal only six minutes after Cox's red card.
The findings were so 'decisive' and conclusive as to leave absolutely no room for argument.
The police reluctance to act 'decisively' sends out entirely the wrong message to the youths, who will feel they are beyond the law.
As last night has shown, a failure to act promptly and 'decisively' will in all probability prove disastrous.
This mounting agriculture crisis requires a solid plan of action that is 'decisively' executed.
India got decisive government after long time: BJP chief
Fight against terror now in decisive stages: Amit Shah
India will defeat terrorism decisively: President
'El Clasico' not decisive, says Zidane
Modi government most decisive and transparent: Amit Shah
Modi government most decisive, transparent, minus corruption taint: Amit Shah
Will be decisive towards armed services' needs, Jaitley tells top chiefs
No decisive progress in Brexit talks: EU negotiator
Chile call up Pavez for decisive World Cup qualifier against Brazil
'Decisive intervention' in widow's welfare case, says Prasad
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