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Joan has dedicated her life to animals
devote (time, effort, or oneself) to a particular task or purpose.
translation of 'dedicate'
समर्पित करना,
समर्पण करना,
उत्सर्ग करना,
संबंधित करना,
भेंट करना,
संबंधित कर देना
But where did the initial inspiration to 'dedicate' an art exhibition to the subject of Australian Football come from?
Despite his acclaim, he finds writing to be a saviour of sorts and always manages to find the time to 'dedicate' himself to the creative task, no matter how busy his day.
Let us 'dedicate' our best efforts in organizing our coming World Congress of Boxing Doctors, which will be the second in history.
When all was ready, Bishop Dominic Conway came again May 13, 1973 to open and 'dedicate' the new Holy Cross.
This summer they will 'dedicate' the reclaimed open space as the 4,700-acre Orange County Great Park.
you should 'dedicate' a telephone line to each modem you plan to install
Choose your course wisely and 'dedicate' yourself to that purpose.
Mr Kolar quit his job to 'dedicate' himself to a task he says has been almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
the ex-president came to 'dedicate' a $2.6 million recreation center
The Marthoma Metropolitan, Philipose Mar Chrysostom, will 'dedicate' the building at a function at the Boys Home at 4 p.m.
He cannot 'dedicate' himself to larger purposes.
Shenandoah founded Round Dance Productions, a nonprofit organization 'dedicated' to native cultural preservation.
Many - including its 'dedicatee' and first conductor, Hans Richter - considered not only the greatest English symphony to that point, but the greatest symphony of modern times.
The book is 'dedicated' to Anna Friedman and Nasir Din, the author's Jewish mother and Muslim father, who married in London in 1942, both immigrants, but British subjects.
Nonetheless, Tamarack 'dedicated' two of its five fax lines to the Israeli families, enabling them to communicate regularly with their children.
The people who are 'dedicated' to these efforts understand the power of the social economy.
The church was 'dedicated' to St Anthony of Egypt, patron saint of swineherds and of charcoal burners, a trade carried out on the fell for many years in the past.
All the poems in the book are 'dedicated' to his memory.
Cumbria Export Club is 'dedicating' its next meeting to looking at how firms could boost exports by developing more imaginative ideas.
The book is 'dedicated' to his best friend Bill Cadman who died in the Lockerbie bombing in 1988.
I was hired to turn the company around, and my team has 'dedicated' itself to that effort ever since.
St George was initially promoted to patron saint in 1061 when a church in Doncaster was 'dedicated' to him.
The work is 'dedicated' to Suleiman, teacher and Master of Fula Flute, a wind instrument from The Gambia.
I was at school with him and the second book is 'dedicated' to Sean.
This decision to sell the temple was not publicly made known until the building was finally completed and formally 'dedicated' on 1 May 1846.
Poor Pyotr never had things easy in life, and his work was at first damned as ‘worthless, unplayable and clumsy’ - and that was from the intended 'dedicatee' , Nikolai Rubinstein.
She complied, though heartbroken, and in spite of the insistence of her teacher William Alwyn who, some half-century later, became the 'dedicatee' of her Wind Quintet.
As is evident from its name, the temple was 'dedicated' to Shiva.
St Joseph's was opened and 'dedicated' by the then Bishop of Elphin, Dominic Conway, on October 30, 1983.
The Allen Ginsberg Library was 'dedicated' in 1993.
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