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his dedication to his duties
the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.
the dedication and unveiling was attended by some 5,000 people
the action of dedicating a church or other building.
translation of 'dedication '
the hardback edition contained a fulsome 'dedication' to his wife
Their 'dedication' to quality has paid off - with a devoted band of customers throughout West Yorkshire.
To learn to love, or give, requires tremendous effort and 'dedication' to spiritual growth.
When I told a friend about my 'dedication' ceremony, I never anticipated her initial shocked reaction.
A family culture still very much prevails and, while output has increased, the Butlers insist their 'dedication' to quality has not been compromised.
The 'dedication' ceremony was attended by guests from around the world and featured entertainment and several exclusive displays.
Perhaps nothing is more admirable than a parent's 'dedication' to spending quality time with the kids.
A 'dedication' ceremony paying tribute to the five lives lost in a car accident a year ago was held at Selborne College's memorial quadrangle here yesterday.
I was most disturbed by his words concerning the 'dedication' in William's book.
Let me read a portion of the 'dedication' to Todd in the book.
We are in complete agreement about the wording for the 'dedication' to the memory of Calouste Gulbenkian and the mention of your name and of the commission.
The company's 'dedication' ceremony was marked by a scroll placed in the foundation stone.
At the B&O's 'dedication' ceremony, a scroll was placed in a hole drilled inside the foundation stone.
The 'dedication' ceremony was held at NASA Ames Research Centre, Moffett Field, California.
A 'dedication' ceremony was held in late July in Balkh province for the hand over of 100 km of recently constructed farm-to-market roads.
Alexander is a career politician too, though one who has at least earned the respect of many in business through 'dedication' to her core task of economic development.
He has shown tremendous commitment and 'dedication' to saving lives and for that we are very grateful.
The op. 45 set of three marches was published in Vienna in 1804, with a 'dedication' to Princess Maria Esterházy.
You don't have to go any further than the 'dedication' to see what's so very wrong with her new book.
the 'dedication' and unveiling was attended by some 5,000 people
Then follows the 'dedication' to William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke, and his brother Philip Herbert, Earl of Montgomery.
His heart was never fully in the job and his 'dedication' to the task has been questioned.
Endless 'dedication' to quality, a kitchen that can turn even the simplest dish into a culinary experience and one of the best views in town make a visit worth the pricey tab. -
My abiding memory of their performances of these two great works is the Quartet's total 'dedication' to the task of recreating the sublime ideas of both composers.
his 'dedication' to his duties
his 'dedication' to his duties
A number of students who helped design the space have since graduated but all were named and thanked at the special 'dedication' and blessing ceremony.
Reg was a most popular man, admired for his leadership qualities and sincere 'dedication' to everything he tackled.
More than 3000 people crammed around the HMAS Sydney memorial at Mount Scott yesterday for its 'dedication' ceremony.
What was a surprise for the McNairs was news of Nora's book and its moving 'dedication' to them.
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