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Arab armies defeated the Byzantine garrison
win a victory over (someone) in a battle or other contest; overcome or beat.
the defeated army
having been beaten in a battle or other contest.
translation of 'defeated'
हारे हुए,
पराजित कर दिया हुआ,
परास्त किया हुआ,
बिगाड़ा हुआ,
मंसूख़ किया हुआ,
हराया हुआ
Eventually, he joined the ragged retreat of a 'defeated' army, trudging through sub-zero temperatures from the Volga to Germany.
Handed a dispirited, 'defeated' force, he instilled into it the will to win.
One by one, each one turned their 'defeated' eyes upon the discouraged paramedics and stunned police officer that stood just on the opposite side of the doors.
The plan began well at Gumbinnen on 20 August, when Rennenkampf's First Army 'defeated' eight divisions of the German 8th Army on its eastern front.
He had dallied for weeks before pursuing the 'defeated' Confederate army into Virginia, even resisting direct orders to advance.
At the final whistle, as I watched the 'defeated' emerge blinking into the Californian sunlight, for the first time I felt sorry.
Fighting has continued to this day, but General Burnside and his 'defeated' Army of the Potomac have retreated across the Potomac.
After a successful campaign by the United States Army, the 'defeated' tribesmen were forced to surrender at the agencies.
Determined not to appear the 'defeated' army, they refused urging to decommission weapons.
It was one of five agreed exit routes for the 'defeated' army to take in its retreat.
Mzilikazi consolidated his army from 'defeated' tribes, and by the mid-1820s he controlled a large area.
Karen runs up the stairs after her, as a 'defeated' and dejected Mrs. Tilford slouches out the door.
I felt like a 'defeated' general after a battle as they parted to make way for me; I had to walk through their group, looking straight ahead, with every one of them staring at me.
His service in Tunisia turned a 'defeated' and demoralized II Corps around and made it proficient for battle in 11 days.
The public would deride and ruin the general of the 'defeated' army, but the youth told himself that he cared not at all about the generals and trusted the opinion of the public very little.
It sounds like a conquering army occupying a 'defeated' city.
I was quite disappointed to discover a rather 'defeated' looking Devon taking a little rest on my locker.
This underworld is also bringing to the surface a plethora of weaponry, unexploded bombs, rotting gas masks, first aid kits and ration packs, unopened since the day they were left by a 'defeated' army.
Then they would disband the 'defeated' regime's army, turning hundreds of thousands of trained soldiers into disgruntled potential insurgents.
Therefore a victorious army first wins and then seeks battle; a 'defeated' army first battles and then seeks victory.
They performed in a responsible manner, and toward the 'defeated' , demoralized Germans they were sensitive, caring and compassionate.
It has been preserved to this day on Taiwan, where the 'defeated' armies of Chiang Kai Shek fled in 1949.
The general of the 'defeated' army escaped the war into the badland.
Some narrowly 'defeated' candidates battle on in the courts; others live to fight another day.
War in the later seventeenth century was becoming a bloodier business, with considerably higher casualties sustained not just by the 'defeated' army but also by the victors.
The application, for a horse and rider, representing the victorious Yorkists and a riderless one as the 'defeated' Lancastrians, has been made by the Battle Field Society.
‘I can't work like this - damn,’ she shrugged 'defeatedly' .
Jamie sighed 'defeatedly' , too miserable to continue, and Koda dug into his pockets.
‘We're done for today,’ Zukiwsky says 'defeatedly' into his walkie-talkie.
Shaking his head 'defeatedly' , he gestured to the screen, ‘Apparently, he disappeared in Russia about a week ago when the family was visiting the country.’
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