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“No, I didn't,” he replied defensively
in a defensive manner.
translation of 'defensively'
रक्षा करते हुए,
रक्षा के रूप में
Waterloo continued to tighten up 'defensively' for the remainder of the game.
Barber thought Roenick needed to tone down his game and become more responsible 'defensively' .
All are capable 'defensively' , so offense will determine the winner of the job.
So we are better 'defensively' because that has been a bigger priority for Flip and the coaches.
He always gives you a different look and a different challenge to face offensively and 'defensively' .
He also is good 'defensively' and has power despite lacking the classic body type for a corner outfielder.
This team would be very good offensively and 'defensively' , with no real holes.
From our perspective, I truly believe that 'defensively' our team is really strong.
To reach the next level, he must be more durable and do the little things 'defensively' .
Choi is better than average 'defensively' but must show he can make corrections to his swing.
Dependable backup Doug Mirabelli is strong 'defensively' and has a better arm than Varitek.
Brown and Ager are really talented and underrated in terms of how they play 'defensively' .
The team was successful in December because it was able to tighten the screws 'defensively' .
Falkirk came into the game and did tighten up 'defensively' - what a pity for them they were three goals late in learning the lesson.
we must tighten up 'defensively'
Felix Martinez is tremendous 'defensively' , but he clearly is lost at the plate.
He also had a long hard fast jab that he used offensively and 'defensively' .
Ochoa is superior 'defensively' and can steal bases, but Stairs has more power.
“No, I didn't,” he replied 'defensively'
Brown is a switch hitter, has good speed, is excellent 'defensively' and has the best outfield arm.
Though Martinez sparkles 'defensively' , he is not counted on for offense and has little power.
Giambi will get a chance to be the team's first baseman but must improve 'defensively' .
Defensively strong Real will be tough to beat: Valencia coach
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