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There are always inflationary and deflationary spots in an economy at the same time.
of, characterized by, or tending to cause economic deflation.
There are always inflationary and 'deflationary' spots in an economy at the same time.
The overall effect, therefore, will be to generate a stronger 'deflationary' undertow.
Volatile movements in the foreign exchange casino compound the 'deflationary' effect.
By dampening expected future sales, a 'deflationary' monetary policy may decrease the firm's net worth.
That kind of 'deflationary' spiral is what worries economists and corporate executives.
A falling dollar would be a major 'deflationary' influence on the world economy, notes Levy.
But such reforms and restructurings are very 'deflationary' in highly indebted economies.
All of this can exacerbate an economic downturn and, in turn, generate greater 'deflationary' pressures.
Fear of the equity markets, and the addiction to saving, can propel a country into a vicious downward 'deflationary' spiral.
Nothing is more frightening - no economic problem more intractable - than a 'deflationary' spiral.
Another more speculative concern is that it could increase the vulnerability of the economy to 'deflationary' forces.
The overall effect is a rise in unemployment and intensifying 'deflationary' pressures.
The Great Depression was a 'deflationary' cycle, and it took WWII to get out of that.
The macroeconomic effects will be seen in continued 'deflationary' pressures.
Many people believe that the world economy is undergoing pressures of a 'deflationary' nature.
These two bankruptcies led to intensifying 'deflationary' pressures.
In much of Africa and Latin America, adjustment was combined with 'deflationary' stabilization.
In an economy with a 'deflationary' bias, interest rates may stay low for years to come.
Money supply would have then expanded, and 'deflationary' forces would have been thwarted.
We do not presently perceive any 'deflationary' risks in the euro area.
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