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a trail of human misery and degradation
the condition or process of degrading or being degraded.
translation of 'degradation'
दरजा घटाना,
नीच अवस्था,
Due to smaller contact metal diffusion through fewer dislocations, it also reduces 'degradation' caused by high currents.
There are a lot of very clear-headed warnings out there about environmental 'degradation' .
a trail of human misery and 'degradation'
In fact, I would be hard pressed to think of a more perfect definition of human misery and 'degradation' .
During the backup process the LAN experiences significant performance 'degradation' .
The predictable result was an accelerated 'degradation' of the ecosystem.
Previous studies have found that for Quaternary events in arid climates, fault scarp 'degradation' in colluvial material can be used to estimate fault age and earthquake recurrence.
Rapid microbial 'degradation' is more likely when the same pesticide is used repeatedly in a field.
a trail of human misery and 'degradation'
The biggest cause of this attrition is loss or 'degradation' of their seagrass habitat.
Students will measure and model mountain erosion/ 'degradation' processes.
We all want to see recycling and an end to environmental 'degradation' .
A Director, on the other hand, is designed to minimize performance 'degradation' at all times.
However, larger formatted documents take time to transmit and cause some 'degradation' of service.
This allows types of degradation process and proportions of 'degradation' products to be determined.
How long can we sustain the environmental and social 'degradation' that consumer culture perpetuates?
Morphologic analysis of scarp 'degradation' can be used quantitatively to determine relative ages of different scarps formed in cohensionless materials, under the same climatic conditions.
Unprotected digital content can be repeatedly copied without suffering the 'degradation' in quality that successive analogue recordings introduce.
Trace metals have been shown to inhibit ruminal protein 'degradation' .
In the second step, starch 'degradation' is induced.
Edges are natural, colors solid, the picture free of defects or 'degradations' .
Most of us are familiar with the Holocaust's unspeakable brutalities and 'degradations' .
Mass movements against the 'degradations' of the free market have developed in every continent.
It is ironic that these recent 'degradations' of traditional citizenry have followed a period of 50 years unparalleled advance in the quality of material life.
This riveting drama speaks to our souls with its incessant probes into the importance of human choice and the 'degradations' brought on by self-destructiveness.
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