English to Hindi Dictionary deliberately


the fire was started deliberately
consciously and intentionally; on purpose.
slowly and deliberately he rose from the armchair
in a careful and unhurried way.
translation of 'deliberately'
सोच-विचार कर,
इरादे से,
एहतियात से,
सावधानी से,
अभिप्राय से,
the fire was started 'deliberately'
Many have justifiable ethical concerns about 'deliberately' deceiving patients regarding the nature of their treatment.
the fire was started 'deliberately'
Whilst Courbet was an open revolutionary, Manet did not 'deliberately' produce provocative paintings, in his eyes he was emulating the early greats.
are you 'deliberately' trying to annoy me?
The language of central banking is obscure, 'deliberately' obscured, in my view.
The Graduate Program in Music is 'deliberately' small, admitting six to eight students each year.
the fire was started 'deliberately'
she walked 'deliberately' to the desk
She would never have 'deliberately' taken her own life.
I'm not trying to be 'deliberately' provocative here, by the way.
He 'deliberately' tried not to think about the telegram any more.
slowly and 'deliberately' he rose from the armchair
he did it 'deliberately'
At times, they have been more or less 'deliberately' constructed for public relations purposes.
slowly and 'deliberately' he rose from the armchair
The Maastricht package was a political bargain, which 'deliberately' left for later negotiation many of the wider ramifications of monetary union.
The accused was 'deliberately' deceptive about where he lived.
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'Facebook deliberately crashed its Android app'
Deliberately kept low profile before departure: PCI chief
Filmmaking in TN made difficult deliberately: Kamal Haasan on GST
Winslet deliberately didn't thank Weinstein for Oscar
Apple sued in Israel for deliberately slowing older iPhones
PM Modi deliberately blocking Women's Reservation Bill: Congress
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Centre deliberately misinterpreting SC verdict: Sisodia
Delhi University deliberately delaying probe in Baisoya case: NSUI
Kashmir deliberately demonised at national level: Governor Malik
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