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after much deliberation, we arrived at a compromise
long and careful consideration or discussion.
he replaced the glass on the table with deliberation
slow and careful movement or thought.
translation of 'deliberation'
स्थिर विचार,
he replaced the glass on the table with 'deliberation'
I looked over the reef to see large shadows moving with slow 'deliberation' way below.
he replaced the glass on the table with 'deliberation'
Again, he fired but this time taking great care and 'deliberation' with each pull of the trigger.
Bold bedrooms may look free, but remember that they have been put together with 'deliberation' , care and discipline.
after much 'deliberation', we arrived at a compromise
after much 'deliberation' we arrived at a compromise
Tanned and looking younger than he is, he speaks with slow 'deliberation' , well aware of the power of the spoken word.
The work of the Code revision committee proceeded with calculated 'deliberation' .
Again and again, with slow 'deliberation' , the whale approaches the boat.
With a slow 'deliberation' she folded it and held it out to him with a playful innocence that made him want to rush over to her and kiss her.
Morgan smirks and with slow 'deliberation' , sorts through the pile of books on the desk.
Arms vertically extended, I turned with the slow 'deliberation' of a cornered felon.
He had been striding back and forth, rubbing his chin in 'deliberation' at an agonizingly slow pace.
No bill, no matter how great it is in substance, will be able to do that without care and great 'deliberation' .
I said to them that in their 'deliberations' they should consider the ten pensioners' flats adjacent.
Council discussed the prospective sales during budget 'deliberations' this month.
It was a six-month-long process of detailed 'deliberations' and consultations.
They asserted that 'deliberations' had focused more on the interests of the elite than those of the general public.
Jurors with nicotine addictions are let out during 'deliberations' to smoke.
Social partnership is subjected to no democratic accountability and its 'deliberations' are carried out in secret.
The council also invites private-sector observers to join their 'deliberations' .
The length of their 'deliberations' surprised me after the brutality of the crime.
The judges resumed their 'deliberations' without the aid workers yesterday, who did not appear on the trial's fifth day.
Yet no major initiatives are expected to emerge from the 'deliberations' .
These people did not go easy on her in their 'deliberations' , from all appearances.
Both sides had been playing as though still searching for their fluency, even simply for a meaning to their 'deliberations' .
Whether we will be able to come to agreement on this we don't yet know, as the reference group has not yet completed its 'deliberations' .
The discussions and 'deliberations' which transpired over this period have been treated as a state secret.
There are tight legal restrictions on discussing real jury 'deliberations' .
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