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a delighted smile
feeling or showing great pleasure.
translation of 'delighted'
We are both 'delighted' to be playing our football in England and it has happened because of hard work.
Yes, I'm absolutely 'delighted' , for all the wrong reasons.
a 'delighted' crowd welcomed home the team
‘He got down on one knee and popped the question,’ says an obviously 'delighted' Linda.
When she sees him, her eyes widen, and she smiles a 'delighted' grin.
Instead of being rewarded with a 'delighted' smile, there was an awkward, bitter smirk.
But then there were tiny footprints, and then a 'delighted' squeal.
he's 'delighted' with the car
The 'delighted' new father cuddling his tiny baby cannot help but catch your attention.
The woman was looking at her with a sarcastic yet 'delighted' grin.
It was a source of 'delighted' surprise to his friends to discover his expert knowledge of food and wines.
She added a wry smile as three slightly confused expressions dissolved quickly into 'delighted' laughter.
Ben smiled a 'delighted' smile, took a deep breath and began to sing.
He was not at the count as he was unable to take a day off work but 'delighted' supporters phoned to let him know the result.
The baby was born in a matter of minutes and I gave her straight to her 'delighted' mum.
The wheels gently bumped the ground, bringing a 'delighted' smile to her lips.
I even wrote an essay about the joys of dentistry which was presented to my 'delighted' dentist.
I'm 'delighted' to be here
we're always 'delighted' to welcome visitors
Some clearly 'delighted' that the one-month ordeal holed up in the compound was over.
He is patently 'delighted' that his story is to be made into a film, any kind of film.
I held it up so she could see and she let out a 'delighted' squeal.
He looked at her in a kind of 'delighted' amusement, while she reddened even more.
The result is a 'delighted' audience, hanging on to find out how the quest ends.
Or maybe they placed 2p into a ‘penny fall’ machine then watched 'delightedly' as a handful of coins clattered into the ‘win’ tray.
‘We look pretty good compared to most of them,’ he said 'delightedly' .
Certainly the acceptance speech was a series of such one-liners delivered on a circular stage, while the convention delegates pitched in 'delightedly' with the expected applause.
‘She will kill him,’ said one source 'delightedly' .
The round table giggled and smirked 'delightedly' .
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