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Social unrest was exploding as anti-war protestors and civil rights demonstrators used the public stage to express their views.
a person who takes part in a public protest meeting or march.
With snow not normally found at this time of year, even in the nearby Peak District, the demonstrators took to trampolines to give a display of their skills.
a person who shows how a particular piece of equipment works or how a skill or craft is performed.
translation of 'demonstrator'
प्रदर्शन निकालनेवाला,
प्रदर्शन करनेवाला,
जलूस निकालनेवाला
The team at the University of Strathclyde have proved this mathematically, and we've now built a 'demonstrator' to test it practically.
Following the successful completion of the 'demonstrator' tests, the system entered full-scale development and pre-production.
Qualified AOIFA teacher and 'demonstrator' Marie O'Leary offers a series of courses from the beautifully restored stone cottage in the heart of the Carlow countryside.
The company expects to start first test flights on a 'demonstrator' by the end of 2003.
In Drawing, Baker is an artist, mother, daughter, wife, 'demonstrator' , performer.
After a short time in this employment, Guthrie offered him employment as a 'demonstrator' in physics.
The 'demonstrator' engine test lasted 4.9 seconds.
This is a space flight 'demonstrator' designed to test technologies required for them to locate and rendezvous with the Station.
At the end of a course an examination was held and if a certain standard was reached one was awarded a Brannra or Badge and those who wished to continue did further classes, with many attaining 'demonstrator' and teacher standard.
She had previously taught in secondary schools and as a 'demonstrator' at the university.
The control fish were tested as described above except the 'demonstrator' shoal remained in the central portion of their half of the tank for the 3-min demonstration period.
Joe was a 'demonstrator' of basketmaking at the time and he taught me.
Harker began life at Cambridge reading physics, but soon transferred his affections to geology and was appointed a 'demonstrator' at the Sedgwick Museum in 1884.
In both capacities Fettes enjoyed and deserved his notice, and by the second year of his attendance he held the half-regular position of second 'demonstrator' or sub-assistant in his class.
she was appointed 'demonstrator' in botany at Newnham College
He started work under J.J. Thomson, the discoverer of the electron, before becoming an assistant 'demonstrator' of physics.
By the end of the year, the two 'demonstrator' platforms shall be ready for commencement of contractor testing.
The company began development of the gas-generator 'demonstrator' in 1999, and it was due to begin tests by the end of last month.
I knew it was an ordinary car straight away because even though it had been carefully prepared as a press 'demonstrator' , it arrived at my house with one headlamp not working and a driver's seat backrest that wouldn't lock.
The removal of the demonstrators controls for any antipredator benefits that could be gained by associating with the larger 'demonstrator' group.
He was appointed a 'demonstrator' in zoology at Cambridge in 1882, becoming a fellow of St John's College and a university lecturer in invertebrate morphology in 1884.
the dealer represented the car to be new when it had been used as a 'demonstrator'
An international 'demonstrator' , teacher and writer, her articles have appeared in popular media and astrological publications around the world.
I am honored to be attending the Expo this year as an instructor and 'demonstrator' .
After graduating, Waller was a physics 'demonstrator' at the London School of Medicine for Women (now the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine).
At first, ask more experienced swimmers to perform the skill (the closer the 'demonstrator' is to the age of the novice, the better.
But have you ever sympathised with road protesters, anti-nuclear 'demonstrators' or those who tear up genetically modified crops?
With only a couple of hundred 'demonstrators' , the protest nonetheless attracted local and, more significantly, international attention.
But a handful of anti-hunt 'demonstrators' , who peacefully protested amidst crowds of supporters, disagreed.
Social unrest was exploding as anti-war protestors and civil rights 'demonstrators' used the public stage to express their views.
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