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The Council is an organisation for Christian churches of all denominations in the city.
a recognized autonomous branch of the Christian Church.
a hundred dollars or so, in small denominations
the face value of a banknote, coin, or postage stamp.
translation of 'denomination'
The drugs trade, for example, tends to make its illicit gains in the form of small 'denomination' bank notes.
But sociologists say it is a growing practice, a reflection of how Americans today are less attached to a historical, family 'denomination' .
Its frame of coconut trees on either side, a title at the top and 'denomination' at the base, is inverted, making it a highly prized specimen.
The Central Bank had earlier withdrawn the highest 'denomination' banknote to also stop hoarding.
The Pixies' originals are masterpieces, but the second disc seems to indicate that they are fragile in that 'denomination' .
Representatives of the churches in the 'denomination' spent much of their time discussing issues involved with planting new churches around the country.
Yes, but, your Honour, this is about 'denomination' or categorisation of offences.
the Presbyterian community is the second-largest 'denomination' in the country
If 2 or more players play discards to a trick that are the same 'denomination' , suits come into play.
The name of the 'denomination' was changed slightly: the Union of Evangelical Christian and Baptist Churches of Estonia.
Five-dollar bills are now the lowest non-coin 'denomination' and the increased handling has caused them to deteriorate.
I've found myself categorized into a box when I mention 'denomination' - either what I grew up with or where I currently serve.
Again, initial analyses revealed no effect of 'denomination' or religious conservatism on volunteering, and so these variables were not included in the final regression analysis.
two cards of the same 'denomination'
Couples wanting a Christian wedding are married in a church of the 'denomination' of their choice and the minister or priest of that church takes the service.
the 'denomination' of a consideration as relevant or irrelevant
Gold and silver vessels served in effect as large 'denomination' banknotes, and weighed round figures in terms of the prevailing currency standards.
There's hardly a week passes that the school doesn't ask for money of some 'denomination' , so why they don't help with the parking situation is a joke.
Within each 'denomination' the cards rank Club, Spade, Heart, Diamond (low).
A religious group includes 'denomination' or mode of worship or a group sharing common beliefs.
By law, currency issued by the government, in any form and 'denomination' is the acceptable medium for commercial transaction unless otherwise stated.
The larger 'denomination' coins and the notes are being spent but the vast majority of opinion regards them as having little spending power.
The first player of this team who mentioned the 'denomination' (suit or no trumps) of the contract becomes the declarer.
At your turn you can either pass or bid higher than the previous bidder - either by bidding more tricks, or by bidding the same number of tricks in a higher 'denomination' .
British currency had been de facto gold through much of the 1700s and until 1800 lacked small 'denomination' coins.
As different coloured cards have different powers, Barry and Vice Barry can choose which colour they receive from Les and Vice Les, but only if the Les's have multiple cards of the same 'denomination' .
Churches have dropped their denominational affiliation as part of their name and have actually given themselves a name which doesn't denote which 'denomination' they're with.
two cards of the same 'denomination'
I had previously contemplated doing something evil by paying him in $0.05 pieces, but this was cut short when I only had $7 in that particular 'denomination' .
Far more often than they named any service the 'denomination' provides to them, they talked about how their denominational mission and relief agencies do good work that they want to support.
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