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they departed for Germany
leave, typically in order to start a journey.
the prayer for the departed
a particular dead person or dead people.
a dear departed relative
translation of 'departed'
मुआ आदमी,
मृत आदमी,
बीता हुआ,
And it is no length ago since the sadly 'departed' Charlie McCreevy was telling us that we are throwing too much money and not enough action at the problem.
They were discussing the trip to the mainland, shopping for just the right casket for their dear 'departed' friend.
The triumphalism gives way to the mourning contemplation of a dear 'departed' friend's great qualities of heart and mind.
The chief minister expressed his personal condolences to the members of the bereaved family of Prof Azad and prayed for eternal peace to the 'departed' soul.
Among the many things credited to the 'departed' comedian, Sauzande, was his contribution to the development of the local film industry.
His popularity was evident when thousands turned up at Thiru-vananthapuram to pay homage to the 'departed' comrade and console his wife and three children.
Local cemeteries hold not only the remains of our dearly 'departed' but are also a treasure trove of information waiting to be gleaned from the monuments to be found there.
After a minute's silence for 'departed' members the meeting was zipped through in exemplary fashion - no hanging around with Chairman James!
We approached the graceful verandah covered in wisteria, and we instinctively lowered our voices, as we could sense the spirits of the 'departed' wafting around.
After the war, the district was reborn as Peace Memorial Park, a place where people come to comfort the 'departed' souls and pray for enduring human peace.
God bless our 'departed' brother-in-arms, a risen rainbow warrior for peace and sustainable harmony.
Jerry Kupcinet has some nice memories of the 'departed' Mr. Hackett.
Colleagues from his days in St. Patrick's Training College in Dublin came from various parts of the country to pay tribute to their 'departed' friend.
Several other scholars and organisations have condoled his demise and paid tributes to the 'departed' soul.
Sponsorship cards are still available and everyone who participates in this walk will have played a part in remembering the faithfully 'departed' of the area.
By visiting it on an occasion when people went to shrines and temples as a mark of respect and remembrance to 'departed' souls, Koizumi felt that he was apparently doing no harm.
Some attended workshops to make little candle lanterns that illuminated the face of a dead ancestor - or occasionally a 'departed' kittycat.
The book also features the final work of my dear 'departed' friend Edvin Biukovic, artist of Grendel and Human Target.
‘Why don't you do a film on Babaji,’ the now 'departed' Swami had asked him.
Colleagues held a minute's silence as a mark of respect for their 'departed' friend at last Friday night's card drive in Knock Community Centre.
It's difficult not to be moved by Frequency, a poem to Lee which pictures the 'departed' sticksman ‘lying awake on top of silver clouds’.
York Wasps paid the perfect tribute to their 'departed' coach Lee Crooks yesterday by finally delivering the kind of committed performance he so desperately wanted to see.
I know things about you that nobody else knows, not even your dear 'departed' husband.
At first, I was pleasantly surprised that a direct marketing copywriter, the late Arthur Schiff, was among those honored by the magazine's annual tribute to the year's notable 'departeds' .
The secondhand 1983 Cadillac De Ville had previously been owned by a Queens funeral home and had ushered thousands of dearly 'departeds' to their final resting place.
Also include the epitaph you want to appear with your late cherished link, on our memorial list of 'departeds' .
Anyone who would like to participate can bring photos, mementos, flowers (marigolds and gladiolus are traditional), their 'departed's' favorite foods.
In terms of land use, the typical cemetery can hold between 1,000 and 2,000 dearly 'departeds' per acre, so we're devoting a maximum of 1,700 acres of new cemetery ground each year.
They find an unopened card on the tombstone with a poem about dancing on the 'departed's' grave to celebrate their lives.
I suggested, (very quietly to my Mother) that it felt like we should put the chairs in a circle, hold hands and try to make contact with our dear 'departeds' .
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