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he looked around desperately
in a way that shows despair.
translation of 'desperately'
उग्रता के साथ,
दुस्‍सा‍हसिकता से,
बिना सोचे (जान पर खेलना)
It is 'desperately' disappointing to win so much primary possession and then not to be able to hold on to it.
Jodie 'desperately' wants to be famous, but all she ever does is complain about how she's treated.
Josh's fists were a blur as he tried 'desperately' to defeat Kevin's iron defense.
Back in the wheelhouse he was confronted by the huge ship and 'desperately' tried to swing the wheel to head away.
The critics had been savage and he 'desperately' needed a change of scene.
Fran added that Mark had to go through so much in his 'desperately' short life that his death was a release for him.
Kane has been 'desperately' attempting to track down Gavin, but has had absolutely no success.
They waved and banged on the window, trying 'desperately' to get some reaction from us, or to throw us off.
He 'desperately' tried to get control of the car but crashed into a lamppost.
Nothing has changed apart from now, if I need a player 'desperately' , then we can do something.
I am 'desperately' heartbroken for all the people involved in this terrible tragedy.
Rescue workers battled 'desperately' to save a cow which had fallen into a stretch of the River.
he looked around 'desperately'
Both the Metropolitan Police and his family are now 'desperately' concerned for his safety.
But she has not seen her son since and now she is 'desperately' pleading for him to make contact.
The Irish province have come 'desperately' close in the past, competing in two of the last six finals.
We all feel 'desperately' for a little girl who has lost both parents in such grim and public circumstances.
We 'desperately' need a similar increase in measures to deter the thieves, the robbers and the yobs.
Within a week he was 'desperately' poorly again, and this time did not recover.
The incident has left her extremely shaken and we 'desperately' would like to catch this man.
He 'desperately' needs to strengthen the side but has been told to cut costs.
I'll know where to come on a cold winter's night when I 'desperately' need warming up.
I am 'desperately' disappointed
He was found trapped by a workmate who 'desperately' tried to revive him before paramedics arrived.
Workers are now 'desperately' searching for the female deer, who they believe is still at large.
It was full of people who, for two reasons, were 'desperately' ill-equipped to come here.
I've been struggling on in multiple jumpers and shirts 'desperately' trying to keep warm.
The man, who has worked at the lake for five years, said the site 'desperately' needs a clean-up.
We 'desperately' need more clinics for treating people and educating them about the dangers.
The resulting chase took us all the way back to the car, panting 'desperately' .
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