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the destructive power of weapons
causing great and irreparable harm or damage.
translation of 'destructive'
तबाह करनेवाला,
विध्वंस करनेवाला
A clear and concentrated state of mind is required, not an aggressive and 'destructive' one.
Though she is fierce, terrifying and 'destructive' , the Goddess is said to be quick to come to the aid of her devotees.
It was ungenerous, it was 'destructive' , it was simple-minded, it was vicious, it was rubbish.
These 'destructive' activities disturbed the powers not only at Delhi but also at London.
On the populous coasts of Sri Lanka and India nobody was aware of the awesome 'destructive' power racing towards them.
The vehicles buckle and crash beneath his feet, which is supposed to be an awesome display of his 'destructive' power.
It can be extremely 'destructive' to our health, and a haggard and stressed face is not a beautiful face.
This is partly because both sides are animated by a fierce 'destructive' zeal.
If they are bored, why aren't they constructive instead of 'destructive' ?
Beauty can be deadly and 'destructive' , though not the kind which Audrey Hepburn had.
The couple's relationship had been 'destructive' , damaging and unrewarding for both of them.
One of the problems with this type of 'destructive' criticism is that it saps your confidence.
Alcohol is as 'destructive' to health worldwide as smoking and high blood pressure, it was claimed today.
Cuts in the sphere of culture and artistic training are enormously 'destructive' to society.
It's not just that these farms are 'destructive' to the local environment and economy.
These missiles are the most deadly, 'destructive' and inhumane weapons ever created.
I find that very 'destructive' to the confidence in the system and to the future of young people.
Adopt a positive approach and stay away from negative and 'destructive' people.
Don't be influenced or affected by negative and 'destructive' people around you.
However, viruses of the mind can program us to think and behave in ways that are 'destructive' to our lives.
I remember well that Hamish found the whole process distasteful and 'destructive' .
I can sit here today and testify to you that bitterness is a 'destructive' , crippling force.
And all this was mobilised to produce the most 'destructive' weapon ever seen in the history of humanity.
Upmarket, the Times and Telegraph are platforms for higher but no less 'destructive' forms of scepticism.
Emotional infidelity is just as, and at times even more, 'destructive' to your marriage.
What do you see as the role of meditation in working with 'destructive' emotions and negative emotions?
I find it hard to understand that any seafarer could be so wilfully 'destructive' and do such damage.
Addiction can be enormously 'destructive' to the individual and their families.
Birds are just as 'destructive' and deadly at night as they are during the day and they do fly at night.
Free radicals react 'destructively' with many cellular components causing cell damage and leading to many diseases from cataract to cancer, heart disease to dementia.
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