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one of the effects of police detention is isolation from friends and family
the action of detaining someone or the state of being detained in official custody, especially as a political prisoner.
translation of 'detention'
निवारक निरोध,
one of the effects of police 'detention' is isolation from friends and family
Her advice ends up being to score herself and Zeke both an hour's 'detention' after school.
The appellant was not under arrest or 'detention' at the time the question was asked.
At the end of every week at least one of us always had to stay after school for 'detention' .
he has made students fear after-school 'detention'
The effect of the original bill would also have been to allow house arrest and 'detention' without trial.
Of course, teachers responded to his pranks and high jinks with wrath and hours of 'detention' .
Rivkin was serving the first weekend of a nine month periodic 'detention' sentence.
Surely measures short of detention should be tried first and 'detention' should be regarded as the last resort.
Firstly, if a person is not currently in 'detention' , they can be detained at any time.
That would obviously not be a rational justification for doubting the evidence of the arrest and 'detention' .
Thousands are being held at huge 'detention' camps set up by US forces around Baghdad.
Police and security forces continued to deny the arrest and 'detention' .
The adjudicator surmises that if the appellant were in 'detention' the police would not be searching for him.
I have accepted that the appellant was detained and assaulted whilst in 'detention' .
to be in 'detention'
His 'detention' in custody beyond his criminal sentences has gone on long enough.
His army medical records note that immediately after his arrest he was examined and found to be fit for 'detention' .
He was sentenced to periods of 'detention' in a Young Offenders' Institution.
In two circumstances, however, the custody officer may authorise continued 'detention' .
They also will be given notice of the basis for their 'detention' , officials said.
she got 'detention' for not having her books
the fifteen people arrested were still in police 'detention'
With a history of military service and labour 'detention' camps, these provisions are not surprising.
teachers were divided as to the effectiveness of 'detention'
The 'detention' of all mandatory life prisoners in open conditions is subject to automatic review.
Then I turned my back on him and wouldn't talk to him for the rest of the 'detention' .
She has in my view made up a story of arrest and 'detention' between May and September 1999.
In the end, the 'detentions' didn't wind up being the worst punishment.
The entirety of last week had been spent with her in hour long after school 'detentions' .
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