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Disulfiram is a well established drug that acts as a deterrent to drinking by blocking the metabolism of alcohol and thus flooding the body with the toxic substance acetaldehyde.
a thing that discourages or is intended to discourage someone from doing something.
the deterrent effect of heavy prison sentences
able or intended to deter.
translation of 'deterrent'
रक्षा का,
हतोत्साह करनेवाला,
बचाने का,
बचाव का
To the front of these again is the infamous crash barrier, which should act as a 'deterrent' to ramming but is already showing the dents brought on consistent efforts to get through.
Certainty harsh punishment is necessary so that it will have a 'deterrent' effect.
I'm pleased they are being imposed and more will follow to act as a 'deterrent' to others.
Some experts argue that the 'deterrent' effect of a punishment like caning is more potent than the current penal system.
Disulfiram is a well established drug that acts as a 'deterrent' to drinking by blocking the metabolism of alcohol and thus flooding the body with the toxic substance acetaldehyde.
He said cameras would have a powerful 'deterrent' effect on criminals by being dotted around the town.
To believe that a nuclear 'deterrent' can do away with a conventional war is a difficult theory to subscribe to.
Police believe this may result from the areas having fewer walkers, who act as eyes and ears for the police and whose presence may also be a 'deterrent' to thieves.
Amnesty says the death penalty is not a 'deterrent' to the drug trade as runners, rather than the kingpins, are most at risk of facing the gallows.
So it either goes for total compliance or it races to develop enough of a nuclear 'deterrent' that the USA does not want to risk an invasion.
A fine of £200, plus damages of £100 may be a 'deterrent' to others.
Penalty rates, which once acted as a limited 'deterrent' to employers demanding excessive overtime, were either scrapped or severely cut back.
There is substantial doubt that capital punishment has any significant 'deterrent' effect.
If the punishment fails to reflect the devastation caused, public confidence and the 'deterrent' effect will be undermined.
He insisted on the development of a force de frappe, a nuclear 'deterrent' , which at the time was considered a quintessential underpinning of superpower status.
Cdr Lister has joined an elite band of men at the helm of Britain's nuclear 'deterrent' .
It will be backed by posters all over the town to enhance its 'deterrent' effect.
Finally, France decided to build its own nuclear 'deterrent' .
The exceptions will lessen the penalty's 'deterrent' effect, an effect that benefits many.
The lack of ‘Canadian experience’ as a 'deterrent' to good jobs hovers over the immigrants much too long.
These penalties will hopefully act as a 'deterrent' to anybody else thinking of abusing or assaulting a referee.
The first raft of fines would soon have a 'deterrent' effect.
We want 'deterrent' sentences to prevent crime as the current laws are not stringent enough.
The concentration of wealth and power is a great 'deterrent' to democracy.
There does not appear to be effective preventative or 'deterrent' measures to cope with this rise in attacks.
Their report points out that service personnel have no choice over whether or not weapons such as the nuclear 'deterrent' are used, as this lies in the control of the Prime Minister.
He concentrates on the British independent nuclear 'deterrent' , and concludes that it is an extravagance whose raison d' être expired with the Soviet Union.
He said he had not fixed the size of the penalty, but that it would be significant enough to have a 'deterrent' effect.
Originally, North Korea saw a nuclear 'deterrent' as the cheapest and most effective means of defence.
But Anderson admitted the park's unique location also serves as a 'deterrent' to the deluge of visitors he's hoping for.
Our defence preparedness best deterrent, will guarantee peace: Jaitley
Deterrent action will continue at Pakistan border: Sitharaman
Capital punishment no deterrent to crime: Javed Akhtar
Nirbhaya verdict will act as deterrent: Kejriwal, Sisodia
Nirbhaya verdict will act as deterrent: Kejriwal
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