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the city was devastated by a huge earthquake
destroy or ruin (something).
a devastating cyclone struck Bangladesh
highly destructive or damaging.
translation of 'devastating '
तबाह करनेवाला,
दिल दहलानेवाला,
The two-week long diesel shortage had 'devastating' effects on the economy, and was quite costly too to the country.
The results were 'devastating' and impressive to say the least.
Tooting & Mitcham have been dealt a 'devastating' blow by the news that leading goalscorer Elliot Onochie has broken his ankle and will be out for the next three months.
That was a 'devastating' blow really so the emphasis was more on regaining pride, even more so than winning the game.
The huge destructive waves caused by December's tsunami in the Indian Ocean are analogous to the 'devastating' waves of grief that a parent is forced to endure.
It's the white-tail spider, widely blamed over the last few years for 'devastating' tissue damage after its bite: necrotising arachnidism, it's called.
Like Oedipus this may result in 'devastating' shock.
The finish was simple, effective and 'devastating' .
The family were all set for a camping holiday at the end of August but their plans were halted by the 'devastating' financial blow, prompting the parents to start a fund to take all the children of ex-Crown workers on holiday.
Locust swarms can travel for thousands of kilometres between summer, winter and spring breeding areas and are capable of causing 'devastating' damage to crops.
Lloyd has been in 'devastating' form, kicking 80 goals this season at an impressive 73 per cent accuracy rate.
This is a 'devastating' blow to the workers, over 900 Waterford producers and the community around Kilmeaden, who will suffer greatly.
It is a stunning, 'devastating' , and uplifting prayer book for the 21st-century Christian.
It is a 'devastating' blow to his family, fellow players, work colleagues and to his large circle of friends.
His death at such an early age has caused widespread grief and has been a 'devastating' shock to his family.
The Cook Islands has helped Niue in other ways since the 'devastating' cyclone struck the island early in January.
But, in a 'devastating' blow, his first asylum claim failed because the adjudicator ruled he ‘did not consider the West Side Boys agents of persecution’.
Russian armies crushed the rebellions, with 'devastating' effects for Polish nationhood.
We're here in Ambon City, the capital of the Moluccas Island, and the extent of the destruction here is 'devastating' .
Woodward's prose combines those rare qualities of real emotional intelligence and heartfelt warmth with a 'devastating' wit.
Outside experts said the new flaws were nearly identical to problems that were exploited by the so-called Blaster infection, which spread last month with 'devastating' damage.
The Chapman family live in Larkham Rise in Chippenham, but a problem in the water heating system led to a tank meltdown and gallons of water soaking through the house, causing 'devastating' damage.
Every moment might not be as valuable as prayer, but it could be - a prayer that is pale or green, lovely, 'devastating' or funny.
Simply that this scandal has caused 'devastating' damage to America's moral standing in the world, and we need to recover fast.
The destruction was 'devastating' and although replanting is set to take place - it will be years before the 130 acres of native and exotic forest returns to normal.
This tactic and 'devastating' air strikes had a huge psychological effect on the Iraqis, who began to desert.
An extreme athlete who's a simply 'devastating' defender, Jones also improved his offense immensely during his senior year.
When I saw what had happened, I was in total shock, it was 'devastating' .
In another 'devastating' blow for the family, Mr O'Connor and his wife tragically lost their young daughter, Aoife, three years ago when she died after suffering from cancer.
The couple married in 2002 after their original wedding plans were shattered because of the 'devastating' blow to Louise's health.
Corruption charges against umpire Rauf devastating: Pakistani daily
Anton Yelchin's death absolutely devastating: Zachary Quinto
Note ban most devastating catastrophe, says Kerala Governor
Peru ups budget to rebuild country after devastating rains
US funding cut to UN Population Fund could be devastating: UN chief
At least 58 killed in devastating forest fire in Portugal
Devastating forest fire in Portugal under control
'NAFTA breakup will be devastating for Mexico'
TRENDING: Nepal: 3rd anniversary of devastating earthquake observed
Devastating Mumbai hospital blaze claims 6, 147 hurt
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