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children can differentiate the past from the present
recognize or ascertain what makes (someone or something) different.
the receptors are developed and differentiated into sense organs
make or become different in the process of growth or development.
translation of 'differentiate'
विभेद करना,
भिन्न व्यवहार करना,
अंतर निकालना,
भेद करना
अलग करना,
पृथक करना,
भेद जान लेना,
इंतियाज़ करना
children can 'differentiate' the past from the present
By developing suitable tests with embryonic stem cells as they 'differentiate' to germ cells we can investigate the action of these chemicals in the laboratory.
Those can identify and 'differentiate' different communities whether religious, professional or cultural.
We will also think about how functions are built from component parts, and how we 'differentiate' a function by considering these parts individually and how they are combined.
In summary, the modern international system displays six sharp distinctions that 'differentiate' it from those of the ancient and classical world.
Thus even if a feminist identifies herself as analytic, she still takes pains to 'differentiate' her views in some respects from her ‘paternal’ discourse.
What kinds of features do they share, and what defining characteristics 'differentiate' various groups?
The chorus were similarly all in black, with little to 'differentiate' the individual characters that make up the drama.
If so, they must also determine how to 'differentiate' their product.
The chapter on the challenges of bird identification explains how to 'differentiate' similar species, such as the downy and the hairy woodpecker.
Special stains, immunohistochemical studies, and electron microscopic studies are needed to 'differentiate' these 2 tumors.
Recent reports suggest that adult stem cells can 'differentiate' into developmentally unrelated cell types.
According to the explanation, the illusion takes advantage of the way in which the human visual system evolved to 'differentiate' shapes and find edges, not to make fine distinctions in color.
The hegemonic hold of Consumer Culture is so great that we cannot 'differentiate' what is ours and what is theirs.
children can 'differentiate' the past from the present
The only distinguishing features to 'differentiate' the turtles are the color of their bandanas.
It is clear they will be companies that find a way to 'differentiate' their products by identifying and responding to emerging consumer needs.
Attributes of Victorian and Edwardian middle-class identity served to 'differentiate' the young clerk from those with full middle-class status.
The proposed new development is sympathetic to the existing church structure, but recognises the need to 'differentiate' this new building from the old one.
When trying to 'differentiate' a complicated function, the method is to decompose it into simpler components, and work with these separately.
Distinct characteristics also 'differentiate' this family of plants.
Many adolescents had difficulty identifying key variables to 'differentiate' a male friend from a boyfriend.
The first sessions were devoted to presenting a social learning view of depression and guiding the participant in learning how to identify and 'differentiate' mood states.
What characteristics 'differentiate' drug injectors who seek formal help with their addictions from those who do not seek help?
The only way to 'differentiate' these substances is by determining the structural formula for each substance.
The chain rule will allow us to 'differentiate' functions that consist of exponential brackets.
Participants were instructed to distinguish or 'differentiate' competence from job performance, which we defined as how well employees actually performed their jobs.
the cells 'differentiate' into a wide variety of cell types
he is unable to 'differentiate' between fantasy and reality
Twain was careful to 'differentiate' Huck's speech from that of other white people
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