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a man of dignity and unbending principle
the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect.
translation of 'dignity'
गौरव स्थान
I just request that we try to treat this proceeding with some 'dignity' and some decorum.
Joanna did herself proud, showing that Polish youth can carry themselves with 'dignity' and decorum all over the world.
Imagine losing a lifetime of memories, your 'dignity' and your sense of pride.
Naturally, flying in one of those ancient ships was beneath his 'dignity' .
You need to be able to treat both with respect and 'dignity' .
Most of us are able to deal with life with grace and 'dignity' and when we don't, it worries us and we try to work it out.
He exuded 'dignity' and gravity and he was courteous to counsel and witnesses alike.
I can ask that the searches and scrutiny be done in a professional manner, with no insults and nothing that offends my 'dignity' .
This White House came to Office on a platform of restoring honour and 'dignity' to the White House.
Sheila said he had been a gentleman, a man of 'dignity' and integrity, who always had a smile on his face and was proud to be from York.
a man of 'dignity' and unbending principle
He will have to explain his motives exceptionally well - something he has thus far failed to do - and concede with grace and 'dignity' .
He was always for better relations with Pakistan, and for allowing the people of Kashmir to live with 'dignity' and honour.
It is well understood that honour and 'dignity' are more important than everything.
But she rises above that, to show that even in misery there can be 'dignity' and nobility.
the 'dignity' of labor
The Khyber Pass itself is a place of rich history, wild majesty and unique cultural 'dignity' .
He handed her the rose with all the 'dignity' that such a serious occasion demanded before getting rather unsteadily to his feet.
But you have no right simply to dismiss it as irrelevant or beneath your 'dignity' .
Apart from that, she was a picture of 'dignity' and grace, with the kind of beauty that grew resplendent with age.
Other positions, however, were related more to the quality and 'dignity' of human life.
Of course people should be able to deal with each other in a manner of 'dignity' and respect.
For one thing, we intuitively respected the inherent 'dignity' of one another.
So, you know, she's handled all of those situations with such 'dignity' and grace.
We are committed to treating all persons under coalition control with 'dignity' , respect and humanity.
She has an undefinable quality and she stands for 'dignity' and respect.
The higher castes despise manual work and consider it beneath their 'dignity' .
Most Great Danes, the second tallest of all the dog breeds, carried an air of 'dignity' and nobility.
But on the other hand, that is what poverty does to us in the global south; it makes you lose your sense of 'dignity' and pride.
the 'dignity' of labour
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