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It is the role of giant ruffians like me to fall before doughty diminutives like him, and each of us must play our part in that ancient story.
a smaller or shorter thing, in particular.
a diminutive figure dressed in black
extremely or unusually small.
translation of 'diminutive '
Maybe it's the 'diminutive' use of his name, but Jonny A seems like some kind of a greaser in a leather jacket.
Local election boards wrongly threw out virtually every signature that had been printed rather than written in cursive, as well as those with an initial or 'diminutive' form of the first name.
Of course, traditionally, as young unmarried women, they would have been called Fräulein, where the ending - lein is 'diminutive' .
As they approached, the blast doors opened, revealing a 'diminutive' figure clothed in a heavy, light blue smock.
A 'diminutive' figure in black, she nodded and smiled gently at the crowd.
All these years, he has kept the 'diminutive' name that his friends in the struggle gave him: Kecik, meaning small in the East Javanese dialect.
I've often revelled in these 'diminutive' descriptors, because there's none other like me.
Bass from the subwoofer is powerful enough to put the boom into explosive cinematic action, while CDs or MP3s played through the 'diminutive' unit sound clear and subtle - a neat trick for a player at this price.
The word curriculum is derived from the Latin word for ‘race course’; the 'diminutive' , currus, means chariot.
But then, in the happiest moment at Bighorn, he actually referred to himself in the 'diminutive' .
In any case, whatever the cause of the conflict, it is inevitable that the small dog, simply because of its 'diminutive' stature, takes the brunt of the conflict, be it an attack or a warning growl and pin to the ground.
The Latin term Regulus was first applied by Copernicus as a 'diminutive' of its earlier form Rex, meaning King.
But while she is no softie and revels in a little rough-and-tumble now and again, her 'diminutive' figure belies the true extent of her football potential.
You look it up in your book of babies' names: Sasha is a Russian 'diminutive' of Alexandra.
I dislike these nicknames because they're 'diminutive' .
She was of 'diminutive' size and delicate health; she was pretty and clever and talented.
It is hardly surprising therefore that the Arabic word for ‘garden’ should be the 'diminutive' of the word for ‘Paradise’.
The earliest were over 20 cm in height, and the Italian 'diminutive' refers to the reduced measurement of 14 cm, introduced when the first public opera houses opened in Venice.
Apparently the name Merkin comes from a 'diminutive' form of Matilda.
But even these 'diminutive' numbers tend to belie the extremely small spaces into which a ferret can fit.
Ke is a 'diminutive' suffix, conveying the sense of little in reference to the size of the dog.
Here, he seems to agree with him on the correct spelling of 'diminutive' forms.
The rabbis rounded his name, added the 'diminutive' .
She was oblivious to the gaunt 'diminutive' figure that stared back at her; just over five feet.
Sarah is a 'diminutive' figure on stage, but when she sings her heavenly voice instantly makes her the centre of attention.
In front of the two male imperial figures a 'diminutive' courtier or herald holds open the scroll, presumably reading aloud the announcement of the betrothal.
On the other hand, the 'diminutive' title slightly misleads.
His figure looked sadly 'diminutive' in a gray T-shirt and faded blue jeans.
Our culture strangely gives value to the large and is dismissive of the 'diminutive' .
The 'diminutive' mother sat protectively on a neighboring branch but did not interfere allowing the woman to produce one of the most charming sequences of wildlife photos I've ever seen.
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