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there was some disagreement about the details
lack of consensus or approval.
translation of 'disagreement'
there was some 'disagreement' about the details
there was some 'disagreement' about the details
The apparent 'disagreement' between the result of Field and ours was solved by a model simulation.
'disagreement' between the results of the two assessments
'disagreement' between the results of the two assessments
There is a natural difference in emphasis but no underlying legal 'disagreement' .
the meeting ended in 'disagreement'
Universities are by nature institutions where such debate and 'disagreements' must occur.
I hate arguments and 'disagreements' although I love debates and discussions.
There was a broad consensus on this, though there were some 'disagreements' over the details.
However, 'disagreements' within the party threaten to slow the pace of change.
Conciliation is a way of dealing with complaints that helps to avoid difficult 'disagreements' .
While the plan is likely to be approved, these 'disagreements' do not bode well for the future.
Arguments and 'disagreements' between provinces were easily sorted out by the Council and the Shaman.
Two assessors independently reviewed each trial, and 'disagreements' were resolved by consensus.
We cannot allow 'disagreements' to build into disputes, conflict or antagonism.
Children can also gain valuable skills by learning to cope with 'disagreements' and disputes.
It was clear that some of our players put petty 'disagreements' above devotion to the cause and we all paid the penalty.
In many parts of the globe disputes over history are often not arcane or academic 'disagreements' .
What we need now is more arguments, where 'disagreements' are forced to the fore and their consequences spelt out.
If all 'disagreements' stem from a lack of understanding, does that mean one party is misunderstanding, or both?
In any democracy, as in any blog, its helpful and fun to have 'disagreements' .
When there were 'disagreements' , the two sides were always able to compromise.
Displaying the temporary 'disagreements' to the public would hamper communication of the consensus.
Some of the most fundamental political 'disagreements' and conflicts concern values.
And there were 'disagreements' about fears associated with online interaction.
How did he end up falling for her during all of their petty arguments and 'disagreements' ?
Data were independently abstracted by three of the authors and 'disagreements' were resolved by consensus.
But he stepped down last year after 'disagreements' with the club president.
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