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I have no wish to disappoint everyone by postponing the visit
fail to fulfill the hopes or expectations of (someone).
the team made a disappointing start
failing to fulfill someone's hopes or expectations.
translation of 'disappointing'
नाउम्‍मीद करनेवाला
उत्साह भंग करनेवाला,
मायूस करनेवाला,
निराश करनेवाला
People have their reasons, it's just… slightly 'disappointing' is all.
Yet, in spite of all that, this writer found it 'disappointing' .
Northerly needed to show some return to form after two 'disappointing' starts in August.
"It was a bitterly 'disappointing' result and we did not play well, " he admitted.
Research on controlled fusion power has now been going on for a half century with somewhat 'disappointing' results.
I always find it kind of 'disappointing' that you stop seeing his stuff after a while.
We find it 'disappointing' and, for someone of your standing, surprising.
He said it was very 'disappointing' that at some home games the travelling team had more support than Easkey.
After all the effort that s been put in over the years it must be particularly 'disappointing' for local people.
In a hugely 'disappointing' season for the Saints, Knight was a decided bright spot.
Kerry's 'disappointing' third place finish in New Hampshire might compel him to drop out.
He said it was very 'disappointing' that so many prisoners were reconvicted within two years.
The Huskies hope to rebound from a 'disappointing' fifth place finish in Hockey East.
They are a solid group of people and they will stick together after what was a bitterly 'disappointing' defeat.
Lancashire will be aiming for revenge after they suffered a bitterly 'disappointing' defeat at Leicester last month.
Don't let a 'disappointing' performance from your last meet affect your next meet.
The book had a rather 'disappointing' ending because she is " rescued " again by another man.
Once again, the audio is slightly 'disappointing' due to the lack of commentary.
Kilner will also be looking for more from his forwards after their 'disappointing' showing on Saturday.
In addition, the response by the government to such reports has frequently been conspicuously 'disappointing' .
The result is a 'disappointingly' unambitious film featuring an unknown young actress in her film debut.
It turned out to be a 'disappointingly' explosive start: they had to play a truncated set after the PA blew up before they took the stage.
I wasn't helped by the strings on my racquet breaking in the second set, but I was still 'disappointingly' and humiliatingly awful.
Its heart is in the right place, but it is 'disappointingly' awkward to manoeuvre your character and even harder to understand what is going on around him.
Not many moments of real dramatic gravity, 'disappointingly' .
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