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to her disappointment , there was no chance to talk privately with Luke
the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one's hopes or expectations.
translation of 'disappointment'
He added his 'disappointment' at the failure to move on the group.
I nodded my head a bit, the 'disappointment' evident on my face.
Her visible tears and public display of emotional 'disappointment' at her failure earned her instant worldwide adoration.
I was a big 'disappointment' to her
He repeated his apology to fans over their 'disappointment' at the failure to stage the concert.
I cried, 'disappointment' evident in my tone as I got off the school bus.
the restaurant was closed, to my great 'disappointment'
the job proved a 'disappointment'
to her 'disappointment' , there was no chance to talk privately with Luke
However it proved a huge 'disappointment' , as were the cold fish entrées.
you're a 'disappointment' to me
Better, then, not to invest much in hope in order to avoid the inevitable 'disappointment' .
As such, Prologue may be a slight 'disappointment' for fans of the series and part-time gamers alike.
I am writing to express my great 'disappointment' to learn that one of your employees has been sacked.
the job proved a 'disappointment'
Sara replied, trying to hide her slight 'disappointment' .
that was the biggest 'disappointment' of his life
The 2002 season's biggest 'disappointment' was Marlin, but not for the reason you might think.
Pause for a moment, and imagine the crushing 'disappointment' .
I imagine this bulletin has proven a major 'disappointment' in certain corners, and not merely among Pfizer's shareholders.
But the biggest 'disappointment' is the near-complete lack of actual performance footage.
The 'disappointment' felt by Bradford people who are having a long wait for a digital hearing aid is understandable enough.
I was a big 'disappointment' to her
You can read in the paintings the emptiness and 'disappointment' at the end of the huge party.
He finally fell with a look of utter 'disappointment' on his face.
"I'm sorry, " he said, 'disappointment' evident in his voice.
it was a bitter 'disappointment' to us
The major semi-final proved to be a huge 'disappointment' for the club.
Tesco, Waterford & Tramore Racecourse Company and several Tramore public representatives have voiced deep 'disappointment' at the decision.
The struggle between their interdependence and mutual resentment neatly illustrates the 'disappointment' felt when the fragility of any relationship surfaces.
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