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Jill replied with a hint of disapproval in her voice
possession or expression of an unfavorable opinion.
translation of 'Disapproval '
Bus drivers have voiced their 'disapproval' over their proposed relocation following the sale of a bus garage.
Jill replied with a hint of 'disapproval' in her voice
It's as if a person's tentative tone allows them to retract the statement if it is met with criticism or 'disapproval' .
I started up at him with a fiery, angry gaze, and his face contorted in 'disapproval' and disgust.
Yesterday's Senate expression of 'disapproval' was a good sign, but will die in the House.
She first arrived in London in the mid-Sixties, in no doubt of her father's 'disapproval' and contempt.
Disgust or 'disapproval' shouldn't be enough of a reason to prevent something by law.
Daniel pulled a face at Arthur, making clear his 'disapproval' and dislike of Alicia's suitor.
The diplomat explained that people were booing, an expression of 'disapproval' .
Perhaps because it made him indignant, and he wanted to express his 'disapproval' to the world.
When boys were being cruel to others, I protected my status by gently expressing my 'disapproval' .
The Empress' 'disapproval' and dislike of the new Crown Princess did not soften over time.
If I do see any fish today, I will certainly frown at them, to express my 'disapproval' .
All present spoke with her, were curious about her, and none of them passed a hint of 'disapproval' .
There is no visible change, but to the ear accustomed, it is the noise of 'disapproval' , of distaste.
Privately he can hear the mutterings of 'disapproval' and disappointment.
This he did in the face of 'disapproval' and sharp disagreement from his peers in the West.
A few women hesitantly expressed their 'disapproval' , but the doctor was in full flow by then.
In any case, even if he does complain or voice 'disapproval' , the US will probably just go it alone anyway.
Despite some voices of 'disapproval' within the Chamber the increase was passed.
He kept his disappointments to himself, a quiet murmur of 'disapproval' usually being as far as it went.
Jill replied with a hint of 'disapproval' in her voice
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