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she liked to discomfort my mother by her remarks
make (someone) feel uneasy, anxious, or embarrassed.
the discomforts of too much sun in summer
lack of physical comfort.
translation of 'discomfort'
If this salvation story is authentic, it must challenge and 'discomfort' us at each new point in history.
Connor's disposition had slowly adapted from one of amusement to one of worry and 'discomfort' .
the patient complained of 'discomfort' in the left calf
This may exacerbate feelings of anxiety or 'discomfort' and shy behaviour.
the unknown leaker's purpose was to 'discomfort' the Prime Minister
A feeling of 'discomfort' and fear crawled to her heart and mind.
Unabsorbed fats may also cause excessive intestinal gas, an abnormally swollen belly, and abdominal pain or 'discomfort' .
See your doctor if you experience blood flecks in your stools, a change in your regular bowel habits, abdominal pain or 'discomfort' lasting two weeks or more, or unexplained weight loss.
We tend to view the impoverished with fear, 'discomfort' , apathy, annoyance, callousness or resentment.
He didn't say a word, just hovered somewhere between embarrassment, happiness and 'discomfort' for a while.
she liked to 'discomfort' my mother by her remarks
With these and other half-truisms did he 'discomfort' the parents.
And apart from altered bowel movement, IBS sufferers also complain about feeling bloated, abdominal pain and 'discomfort' .
He also experienced some vague abdominal 'discomfort' and complained about significant weight loss.
Most patients came to the hospital because of increasing swelling, 'discomfort' , or pain at the injection site but soon became systemically ill.
Derek paused a moment and shuffled his feet a moment, giving off the vibe of 'discomfort' and perhaps even embarrassment.
Most patients also have epigastric 'discomfort' or dull back pain.
It is defined as persistent or recurrent abdominal pain or abdominal 'discomfort' centered in the upper abdomen.
his remarks caused her 'discomfort'
Not showing any sign of 'discomfort' or worry, I sat down.
Deep palpation of the right upper abdominal quadrant caused mild 'discomfort' and pain.
Pain and 'discomfort' may increase, remain at the same level, or decrease as death approaches.
the patient complained of 'discomfort' in the left calf
He was also examined by a police surgeon and his own GP, and said he had suffered pain and 'discomfort' and a slight scratch to his arm.
his remarks caused her 'discomfort'
Some complain of a nonspecific dental 'discomfort' or a pain in the sinus or ear region.
However, no patient complained of chest 'discomfort' or anginal pain during acupuncture stimulation.
Although varicose veins do not generally threaten your health they can be a massive cosmetic concern, not to mention the common symptoms of 'discomfort' , aching, pain and itching.
While I have the support of my family, the fact that these charges are outstanding has created embarrassment and 'discomfort' for them in our community and in our family.
This claim will 'discomfort' many an actuary or mathematician.
I accept there is discomfort, Goa CM on note ban
Tibetans 'don't want to discomfort India', cancel mega event
Atletico's Gimenez leaves training due to discomfort
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