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काट दिया
take all violence out of television drama and you disconnect it from reality
break the connection of or between.
he expected the disconnected phone to start ringing
having a connection broken.
translation of 'disconnected'
असंबद्ध (व्‍याख्‍यान या लेख)
अलगाया हुआ,
It's natural… people don't usually enjoy feeling this 'disconnected' unless they're willing participants.
He disclosed that cases have been reported with officials tampering with 'disconnected' water and electricity meters in return for bribes.
The formerly 'disconnected' ideas are gradually shown to fit into each other.
The last he heard was a desperate 'disconnected' phone call during Hurricane Katrina.
This 'disconnected' person was not the Jeri they knew - what in the world was going on?
The narrative of the book is also 'disconnected' , with plenty of non sequiturs between chapters.
It was as if no one was to blame - save for a 'disconnected' phone line.
History and a chain of 'disconnected' memories came crashing over one another in my head.
To me, such compositions suggest the multiple, 'disconnected' motifs that you often find on an artist's sketchbook page.
How long could this last before it became politics as usual - just another remote fight among impersonal 'disconnected' fellows?
As their force in our culture wanes, that culture risks becoming a backdrop for escalating rivalry among 'disconnected' individuals.
The power of the book comes, though, from the poignant descriptions of the well-meaning but 'disconnected' members and friends of the family.
This theme is picked up with the album's cover art that shows him sitting in the middle of a streetcar lane with a forlorn look on his face, holding a 'disconnected' receiver of a telephone in his hand.
It's the remarkable story of the father he knew only as a series of 'disconnected' memories.
It is difficult to look for connections among 'disconnected' events, but to the extent that it can happen, it is likely to result in better solutions.
And afterwards, I was left with a straight flush of surreal, striking, 'disconnected' impressions and memories.
Only the husband remains unheard, for reasons which become obvious as the 'disconnected' narrative evolves.
The odd, unexpected rhyme can come like an oasis in a desert of 'disconnected' thought and jarring line breaks.
Her 'disconnected' chain of thoughts focused on the weekend.
So this week Dave has published another number to help readers who can't get through on the 'disconnected' line.
I arrived home to an eviction notice, no electricity and a 'disconnected' phone.
Sitting at either end of a long pub lounge, the characters tell their parallel stories by means of 'disconnected' , intertwined monologues.
But one wondered at the overuse of casual brackets, the plethora of connected dots to shape 'disconnected' thoughts.
A wired world changes much more rapidly than a 'disconnected' one and the more people wired together, the faster the change.
She was 'disconnected' and unpleasant to be around.
This plodding, wandering, 'disconnected' story pulls out every melodramatic stop to tug at your heartstrings.
Students milled around, offering a 'disconnected' sense of safety.
Once the computer is off, it's 'disconnected' from the server and you can't send messages to it.
The work takes the form of a series of 'disconnected' and discrete episodes, without essential inner connection, and becomes somewhat tedious as a result.
It made me vaguely nervous to see it there, so close, though in a 'disconnected' type of way.
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