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babies can discriminate between different facial expressions of emotion
recognize a distinction; differentiate.
existing employment policies discriminate against women
make an unjust or prejudicial distinction in the treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, sex, or age.
he became a discriminating collector and patron of the arts
(of a person) having or showing refined taste or good judgment.
translation of 'discriminating'
You seem like someone who has 'discriminating' tastes.
It does require a fairly perceptive and finely 'discriminating' eye to judge intelligently the intrinsic qualities of any work of art.
I can't imagine it appealing much to women or to those of more 'discriminating' tastes.
Apart from finding a reputable dealer, the only way for serious collectors to develop a 'discriminating' eye is through studying the history of the medium, visiting museums and galleries and endlessly handling and comparing prints.
How sweet of you to worry, but I do have a 'discriminating' taste in men.
If a woman is 'discriminating' and judgemental, doesn't that make her affection a greater prize?
Here are the latest DVD releases for those with 'discriminating' tastes.
Daisy has a very sensitive stomach and a 'discriminating' palate.
Sure, free range, grass fed cattle is best, especially for the 'discriminating' taste, but is it affordable?
They have a strong desire to succeed, are very 'discriminating' and tend to be critical of others.
My 'discriminating' palate tastes the most uncommon differences
For people of 'discriminating' tastes, that is the ideal karaoke.
They have 'discriminating' taste and an appreciation of craftsmanship.
I think you have to arm yourself with good information, which means seeking out reliable books or Internet sites that can give you the information so that you can be a 'discriminating' consumer.
This place has some amazingly gorgeous things to offer shoppers with 'discriminating' taste.
But increasingly, what many 'discriminating' moviegoers want is a more judicious use of visual effects
‘The composer's operetta appeals to a less 'discriminating' taste for melody, harmony and rhythm,’ he said.
My comments are those of an occasional patient, a 'discriminating' consumer, and a visual critic.
In five years since coming to England, he had received royal notice as poet and playwright, the subscription had gone well, he enjoyed the friendships of men of wit and the support of some 'discriminating' patrons.
Today's most notorious urban music artists love it, so do 'discriminating' four-star chefs and everyone in between.
I'm not telling you to spend money you don't have, I'm telling you to shop 'discriminatingly' .
Encouragement and reward are, of course, essential for learning but only when used intelligently, 'discriminatingly' , closely focused on the product or process of a pupil's work.
We're probably supposed to assume he bought his Internet stocks just as 'discriminatingly' .
Maybe your ability to listen to them 'discriminatingly' is damaged as well.
We need an insurance policy; but we should shop around 'discriminatingly' and calmly.
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