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discriminatory employment practices
making or showing an unfair or prejudicial distinction between different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.
translation of 'discriminatory'
चुनाव का,
निर्वाचन का
Enable children to think more critically about prejudice and 'discriminatory' behaviour.
It creates a system that can be used in a 'discriminatory' or racist manner.
It said that workers could face the sack for any racist, sexist or any other 'discriminatory' behaviour.
It is unfair and 'discriminatory' to charge disabled people more to travel.
It is 'discriminatory' as the closure will disproportionately affect older people and those with disabilities.
If an officer acted in a racially 'discriminatory' way in dealing with the public then a claim could be brought against that officer.
I posted last year about the 'discriminatory' practice of denying all gay men the chance of donating blood.
There is nothing biased or 'discriminatory' or even vaguely xenophobic about this.
It sets the stage for 'discriminatory' practices against disabled and sick people.
The arguments put forward to lock them out of the scheme were always 'discriminatory' and quite unfair.
Human interaction has been composed of 'discriminatory' actions since the dawn of the race.
The move was denounced by human rights organisations as racist, undemocratic and 'discriminatory' .
A lot of opposition came from representatives of States where law or practice were crudely 'discriminatory' .
The bill is 'discriminatory' and inequitable, and the Government will pay for that.
Do you see that as a counterweight to the 'discriminatory' practices that you've been documenting?
Of course, it's unlikely that any of these 'discriminatory' practices will be changed in the near future.
His legal argument was that the dress code is unfair and can be used against men in a 'discriminatory' way.
He also said it would be 'discriminatory' to limit the number of fêtes to be held in the area or to pick and choose between fête venues.
He says he did not formally indicate to the Tribunal that he felt his treatment by them was unfair and 'discriminatory' .
Families of political prisoners also had to bear 'discriminatory' practices for many years.
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