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spiraling house prices are beginning to act as a disincentive to development
a factor, especially a financial disadvantage, that tends to discourage people from doing something.
translation of 'disincentive'
spiraling house prices are beginning to act as a 'disincentive' to development
If it is thought, perhaps, that couples face financial 'disincentives' to marry, then fiscal policy might be used to encourage them to marry, or remain married.
Primary care physicians may also lack sufficient training and face financial 'disincentives' to perform psychodiagnostic testing.
This close link between contributions and benefits is designed to discourage evasion and labor 'disincentives' .
Along with the profound political differences, these beliefs provide 'disincentives' to negotiate and make the serious trade-offs required to end the civil war.
However, 'disincentives' are the classic method this society uses to discourage anti-social behavior.
There will be more financial barriers and 'disincentives' to accessible care.
Does the report reveal what the 'disincentives' and obstacles may be?
A precondition for sustainability over the long run in India is to curb our burgeoning population through incentives and 'disincentives' .
The state has various 'disincentives' to curbing these practices.
For general practitioners, government legislation imposes financial 'disincentives' for non-compliance in that college's professional development programme.
With appropriate training and support, many of these people could be provided with pathways out of the poverty traps that currently act as 'disincentives' to finding work.
Many lecturers, faced with such discouragement and manifest 'disincentives' , succumb to the pressure and base their assessment of students solely on tasks such as essays.
In public healthcare systems, physicians are often salaried employees with compensation plans that may act as 'disincentives' for innovation.
So we will keep on working to break down barriers and 'disincentives' to trade and investment.
There ought to be stiffer financial 'disincentives' to owning multiple properties.
It says the UK tax regime ‘should be reformed to remove the financial 'disincentives' in Scotland to growing a business beyond a certain level’.
An essential ingredient of their success has been that their parents, a physicist and an educator, helped them to negotiate 'disincentives' and obstacles along the way.
Incentives need to be reinforced by 'disincentives' that discourage damaging actions.
Not that such 'disincentives' dissuade the smart set from guzzling foreign brands.
Recent government regulations in the United States have provided financial 'disincentives' to discourage the ordering of chemistry panels that contain calcium.
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