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although she was too young, she was given special dispensation to play two matches
exemption from a rule or usual requirement.
scholarship is conveyed to a wider audience than under the old dispensation
a system of order, government, or organization of a nation, community, etc., especially as existing at a particular time.
translation of 'dispensation'
they were given a 'dispensation' to take most of the first week off
Rules on taxation now include 'dispensation' for charitable bodies or individuals engaged in charity.
This is not an exception, all the prisons in the country has more remand prisoners than convict prisoners because of the delay in 'dispensation' of justice.
Third, the canon closed with the death of the apostles, has remained closed for over 1600 years, and Scripture gives us no reason to expect new revelation or any new 'dispensation' .
Prior to independence and before the partial democratic 'dispensation' of the British the country had been ruled by absolute monarchy, stretched for centuries.
US actions are forging a new legal 'dispensation' in which their overarching global authority would be acknowledged.
Already the President has cut back on his motorcade; so too has the Prime Minister; and this should just be the start of what should be a far more modest 'dispensation' which is in keeping with the country's coffers.
The negotiations for a new 'dispensation' in South Africa that began in 1990 effectively brought an end to South Africa's policy of regional destabilization.
Clubs can apply for temporary 'dispensation' of the League's rules in terms of having a 6,000 capacity or having 2,000 covered seats, as long as the club could guarantee the criteria would be met in the near future.
There has to be special 'dispensation' for goalkeepers and the SFA have got to argue our case with Fifa.
he received papal 'dispensation' to hold a number of benefices
A young man in a bizarre and colorful outfit, with a makeshift bandolier in which plastic cups were tucked for rapid 'dispensation' of his wares, observed my fascination and offered me a drink.
The 'dispensation' of the award for overtly political purposes is by no means unprecedented.
Being associated with the old world of fixed horizons and immutable laws, faith is treated as something incompatible with the new 'dispensation' of limitless possibility and individual supremacy.
Sharon became quite passionate in her antagonism to single mothers who require special 'dispensation' in order to be able to balance the demands of their children with those of work.
The mistake committed was to audit books in terms of the old 'dispensation' where cheque books were used for payments.
Ordained as a priest, he received papal 'dispensation' to pursue a career as an itinerant scholar and teacher, attaching himself to elite households and powerful printing firms throughout Europe.
Divine 'dispensation' determined to honor her in this station so that, having scorned the king's servant, she came to be coupled with the king himself and bring forth royal children.
She also argues for a reappraisal of the colonial past, and a transformation of the political 'dispensation' in the future.
Rudyard Kipling hailed the ‘Imperial Fire of Rome’ as a divine 'dispensation' that had fallen ‘on us, thy son.’
He believed that natural selection - or as in his own case, divine 'dispensation' - would provide, and it seldom did.
As professionals, pharmacists should offer information on use and 'dispensation' of medication, not their particular religious convictions.
The UKCC has usefully categorized four stages in the therapeutic use of medicines: prescription, 'dispensation' , administration, and patient acceptance.
However, I ask this question: why did the church demand Mrs Shepherd do the full course and not give her 'dispensation' for her years of training and study as a Reader in the Church of England, as well as her commitment and service?
Initially the early Christians allowed divorce in cases of adultery, but later they taught that only death or Church 'dispensation' could end a marriage.
Mr. Gibbings cautioned, however, that media associations and territories that remained disorganized in the new 'dispensation' would be hard pressed to benefit from the free movement of labour.
He explained that the Government has a national playing fields strategy that in short means schools or local authorities cannot sell any playing fields without getting special 'dispensation' .
Henry considered it seriously enough to get a papal bull giving him 'dispensation' to bring the Irish into the Catholic fold.
he received papal 'dispensation' to hold a number of benefices
His eyes glisten with unshed tears as he reaches the threshold of his release, desperate to rid himself of the unwanted pleasure but requiring Kenneth's 'dispensation' to do so.
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