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not for worlds would I do aught that might displeasure thee
annoy; displease.
his grin turns into thin-lipped displeasure
a feeling of annoyance or disapproval.
translation of 'displeasure'
To her surprise, instead of Yelena's usual look of irritation and 'displeasure' , their mother had tears running down her face.
Recriminations and quips, annoyance and 'displeasure' - these are parts of the game.
May I 'displeasure' you with the exceptional third paragraph of his lengthier review?
Looking up at Thomas she saw a look of great discomfort and 'displeasure' .
However, much to Bryce's 'displeasure' and dismay, Alex was a good player and asset to the team.
he started hanging around the local pubs, much to the 'displeasure' of his mother
not for worlds would I do aught that might 'displeasure' thee
He nodded abruptly, but his eyes were still filled with 'displeasure' and disdain.
She looks tired and impatient, lips drawn in a thin line of 'displeasure' .
His 'displeasure' and irritation with the slow pace of progress at this weekend's Barcelona summit was plain for all to see.
Williams is disgusted but uses her 'displeasure' in determined fashion, winning the next point to earn a set point.
his grin turns into thin-lipped 'displeasure'
The man's face is set in a displeased grimace, his brow furrowed in certain 'displeasure' .
It was with sheer 'displeasure' and utter disgust that I once again witnessed Brian Lara given another bad decision.
The look of astonishment faded though, and all that was left was her usual look of grim disgust and 'displeasure' .
Ms Sheehan encouraged the rally to show the government their 'displeasure' with the development at the next state elections.
She muttered, flicking ashes irritably at a passing woman, who snorted her 'displeasure' .
His usual good humored expression had dissolved into one of annoyance and 'displeasure' .
not for worlds would I do aught that might 'displeasure' thee
All these memories mean that I associate fishing with pain and extreme 'displeasure' and discomfort.
Thus disgruntled, he did not well hide his 'displeasure' nor his attitude towards girls in common.
Talk of £120,000 a week rightly led to disgruntled Manchester United fans showing their 'displeasure' .
Stassy couldn't find the words to get her point across, so she let her sneer of revulsion and 'displeasure' do the talking for her.
The irate couple got up to leave in disgust, and the woman barked her 'displeasure' at the waiter.
Irritated bees make their 'displeasure' known, by administering painful stings.
She gave a 'displeasured' look, ‘I don't know if that's -‘
Can we imagine social and formal relations other than the present world system - Andrews seems to ask - by pleasuring or 'displeasuring' the points of vulnerability in our sometimes not-so-unruffled representations?
Sam nodded, not trusting himself to speak in case he said something that 'displeasured' his father.
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