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juniper berries give gin its distinctive flavor
characteristic of one person or thing, and so serving to distinguish it from others.
translation of 'distinctive'
Everything's in place here, but they could stand to find a more 'distinctive' sound vocally.
If you don't have something 'distinctive' to say, don't bother!
Some have 'distinctive' markings on their heads and on their carapace, or upper shell.
The instrumentals are all extremely well executed, each with its own 'distinctive' flavour.
All of these contribute to the 'distinctive' flavour and aroma of the resultant wines.
The Philharmonic Hall itself has a very 'distinctive' style.
Indeed, one of the most 'distinctive' features was the fresh, unsullied cuisine.
The Pixies left behind them an impressive legacy; their highly 'distinctive' sound was impossible to replicate.
She considered such " glades " the most 'distinctive' feature of the Nashville Basin.
She has her own very 'distinctive' style and the audience have really taken to her.
Levine is an independent figure, standing apart from groups and movements, and his work is highly 'distinctive' .
We all order the same dish, off a set menu, but in our individually 'distinctive' voices.
We celebrate them as 'distinctive' characteristics that set newspaper work apart.
The Saudis have in a very short while come up with their own highly 'distinctive' style of management.
Students must learn to work more spontaneously, trusting the 'distinctive' character of watercolor.
The parables are one of the most 'distinctive' features of the teaching of Jesus.
They brew four different beers with very 'distinctive' flavours.
All the studied species have diagnostic alleles in addition to morphologically 'distinctive' characters.
The setting is also a great way to introduce a lot of 'distinctive' characters.
But none of them has made a record as 'distinctive' as Boy in Da Corner.
As an individual, have you identified the 'distinctiveness' that adds to your team efforts?
But in the process of seeking 'distinctiveness' , personal branding is ultimately a recipe for a smothering conformity.
As a result, uniformity is valued above quality or 'distinctiveness' .
Sharing attention in this way is an extremely complex, 'distinctively' human and fabulous fertile ability.
There is a compelling intensity about Hasumi's desolate life, and a 'distinctively' spiritual dimension to the way it has been lived.
The quality of a particular service, however high, does not constitute 'distinctiveness' per se.
As a result our streets are losing their local 'distinctiveness' and character.
But why, specifically, did Haines and Moore want someone with such a 'distinctively' blank voice to sing for their band?
This gives a 'distinctively' different slant to the whole production.
Unsatisfactory teaching of the subject is most often found where it is provided through other subjects rather than 'distinctively' .
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